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  1. Aztec

    random 404 errors

    Hi Remy. No we are not calling SmartServeFile not are we setting a 404 at all. We do have Apache setup with a proxy as when we first started the project, Indy didnt have support for the latest ssl The proxy looks like this So we pass a call to an http:// address and then the proxy will send to the https address. Ideally I would like to not use a proxy, and have the service run on https. I am not sure if we can do this now, with the latest indy? (We run on Ubuntu linux 22.04) When we get the 404, there are no response headers. It simply gives the error socket hang up as above. The ports are open in the firewall, and as I say, it is random. Other times we get the response back correctly. please let me know what other information I can provide and will happily send it over. We are really at a loss as to explain what is causing this. I am assuming that Indy is happy being set up as a daemon ? Thanks Cheers David
  2. Hi All. I am getting random 404 errors when making a call to our indy server. When running from postman, I get this Our service is running on Ubuntu 22.04, and is built using the Indy that ships with Delphi 12.1 The service itself is a forking daemon and is created as follows: Indy itself is run as follows: I am probably missing something fundamental, but have no why we get these random failures. Any help/hints/tips would be most appreciated. If you need more detail of the code, can provide as well. Thanks!! David
  3. ok great. Thanks for your prompt replies. I will try this and see how I get on. Cheers
  4. Ok cool. I will try that. Where can I find those .so files though? Does this require an installation on linux or can I simply place them in the same location as my module? Will indy support the latest SSLlib in Delphi 12? cheers
  5. Hi The actual inner error is General Exception: Could not load SSL library. I did a search in here and it seems that everyone is talking about Windows, but could not find anything related to Linux. I am using virtualmin on ubuntu 22.04. In Virtualmin. The mail server is Postfix. The smtp port is 465, and is being set correctly. Looking in the configs, it does seem that the various SSL versions can be allowed or rejected (See screen shot). I have allowed them all for now, but that makes no difference. Also attaching the config of the Postfix - maybe something in there will show something? thanks for your help!!
  6. Hi All I am trying to send email using indy on our server. We currently run ubuntu 22.04, delphi is 11.3 with the indy that comes with it. However when we try and send email we get the following error [ EIdTLSClientTLSHandShakeFailed ] SSL negotiation failed The code looks like this: SMTPServer := TIdSMTP.Create; SSL := TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL.create(nil); SSL.SSLOptions.SSLVersions := [sslvTLSv1, sslvTLSv1_1, sslvTLSv1_2]; SSL.SSLOptions.Mode := sslmClient; SSL.SSLOptions.VerifyMode := []; SSL.SSLOptions.VerifyDepth := 0; SMTPServer.Host := OutgoingServer; SMTPServer.Port := SMTPPort; SMTPServer.Username := Username; SMTPServer.Password := Password; SMTPServer.IOHandler := SSL; SMTPServer.UseEhlo := True; SMTPServer.UseTLS := utUseExplicitTLS; the parameters I am assigning are correct not quite sure where to go from here, so any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  7. Aztec

    Spring4d in Linux

    Ok great, thanks! I will try that and see how it goes!
  8. Aztec

    Spring4d in Linux

    Yes it seems to be the case. I created a simple self contained app, and it runs.. Thats a pain! I assume you running your app as a web service? if so what are you using as an alternative to Apache? We will have many thousands of users, so need something robust. thanks!
  9. Aztec

    Spring4d in Linux

    Hi I have tried with both.. my own application that has code (TMS coomponents) and a simple app that simply does nothing. Same result
  10. Aztec

    Spring4d in Linux

    Hi. Ok, so I downloaded the development branch, and installed it into delphi. (Removed everything from before) I then added spring.container to the uses clause of my unit, built and deployed. Tried to start apache and get a segmentation fault. Removed the unit from the uses clause, recompiled, and everything works. FYI: Linux is Ubuntu 22.04, running virtualmin. Delphi 11.3 I have no idea what else to try! thanks
  11. Aztec

    Spring4d in Linux

    Hi. Thanks for that. I have tried to compile it, but it seems to have many errors.. so perhaps there is a different version of spring? I have installed MVC, but still cannot compile. Where is this sample from? thanks
  12. HI has anyone been able to get TMSWebcore + xdata + Aurelius + unidac to work on an Almalinux box connecting to MySql 8? I have been able to write a simple webserver which runs and connects, and gives me access to the webpage, but the moment I add Unicad, I cannot then start Apache. I can connect to the database using unidac from design time, so the database connection is fine... but getting this to work as a server is not. Any ideas/help or even better a simple example, would be most appreciated!! Thanks!!!