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  1. baka0815

    [Patch] Formatter: more options for uses

    I just took a look at the unit tests and there are some tests currently failing. Those are the CurlyHalfCommentEnd, MultilineFunctionDirective1 and MultilineFunctionDirective1 tests, but those are already broken since at least revision 3666 (17.10.2021), so I won't touch them. Normally I would write a test with "FeedEachUnit=0" and another with "FeedEachUnit=1" to test this. There are some settings which could affect other settings and I don't want to create 10 or so configurations or the same amount of "AdjustSettings"-methods. Any help in this regard is appreciated.
  2. Could it be that some Delphi-settings are removed but not set correctly because there are still some GExperts settings? We've automated the process of installing the different components we're using including all the registry settings. If one runs this script before starting Delphi for the first time the IDE is broken because the default settings are not set (because the registry path already exists). Maybe that's a hint in the right direction (or totally unrelated)...
  3. baka0815

    [Patch] Formatter: more options for uses

    Yeah, I'm sorry for using inline variables. They are so convenient and I like them that much, that I'm using them all the time since we upgraded to 10.x. However I don't have Delphi 6 - I could install D2007 fwiw. If I find the time I will create some unit tests for that functionality!
  4. baka0815

    [Patch] Formatter: more options for uses

    Thanks for including the patch! You also asked for unit test on sourceforge - is there a guide or any other kind of help what to check before contributing a patch (like where to add unit tests or how to change the default configurations)? So that I can incorporate that the next time?
  5. baka0815

    [Patch] Formatter: more options for uses

    Thanks Thomas for your time! If you need help looking at the patch or have questions, just ask here or at sourceforge.
  6. We're styling the uses section the following way: uses Windows , SysUtils , Classes , Graphics , Forms ; break after uses break after each unit (but before the comma) only indent the lines not starting with a comma ("Windows" in this example) break before the semi-colon I created a patch and added it to the corresponding ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/feature-requests/154/ It adds two new options to the formatter (line-break page): 'After "uses"' and 'Before the comma'. The latter as a sub-option for 'Between every unit in "uses"' (like 'Except single lines'). 'After "uses"' just adds a break after "uses", to start the "uses"-block. "Before the comma" adds the line feed before the comma in the uses section instead of after it. I also removed the fixme regarding NoIndentUsesComma and FeedEachUnit as it (currently) does exactly what I intended when I submitted the NoIndentUsesComma-patch some time ago. I would like to see this patch merged or at least have some comments if there is something wrong/not as intended.
  7. baka0815

    GExperts 1.3.12 beta for Delphi 10.3 Rio available

    What I found is that the current OnPopup event in Delphi removes and/or disables the entries in the menu. The same menu is reused for the right click on the editor and breakpoints. My current workaround for this is to hook into the OnPopup event, clear the menu, run the original OnPupup handler and then add myself to the menu. Details here https://sourceforge.net/p/delphitsvnaddin/code/95/log/?path=/trunk (revision 91 and 94).