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  1. Hi, I made a new .lib project that uses ICS. When I include the .lib file in a new project during compilation it tells me "Unable to open file 'OVERBYTEICSWSOCKET.OBJ'". I did not find the .obj files in the ICS installation. How can I fix it so that the .lib project has already included all the necessary files? Thanks!
  2. mirco.

    Hang problem

    Yes this is clear. If the client is not fast enough, sooner or later some data is lost. The problem is that from the server side I have to be sure that no client can undermine the stability of the server, so I imagined a flag solution in the OnDataSend event if this can be enough. So far I have never had problems with ICS (I like them very much) while also sending MB of data but with the unstable client I need to find a solution. Thanks
  3. mirco.

    Hang problem

    Yes, I don't use OnDataSent but until now I have never had any problems. The problems started with a client that repeats sending data over the internet and is very unstable. Changing the code now to use the event is quite complicated. For now can I use a semaphore to make sure not to send more data until the OnDataSent event is called? Can I find myself in a situation where OnDataSent is not called (if the client is blocked for example)? If I have no data to send when OnDataSent is activated, how can I know when to recall the Send? I looked at the examples several times but I don't remember anything about this way of working. Thanks anyway
  4. Hi, I have a situation where the TWSocketServer send data two time at second in a TCP packet. If the client for some reason is working and is busy (sending data on internet) after some time seems that the server hangs. There is a metod to avoid this (eg. reading the size of send buffer or similar)? In this case is not important if the data is read from client but is important that the server still running also if client is blocked or in error. Thanks for your help!