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  1. dkprojektai

    Is it Omni question ?

    Hello, my program in thread is communicating with remote server. In thread.... CoInitializeEx(NIL, COINIT_MULTITHREADED); try some error.... CoUninitialize; except on E:Exception do begin TThread.Queue(nil, procedure begin F_Form1.Logging(E.ToString); //Here I have exception and program throw out.... end); CoUninitialize; end; end; My question - is it borland or omni problem and how to solve it? I can quote it via try..ecxept, but I really want to log the problem.
  2. dkprojektai

    Solution to compare mysql schema via sql file

    Can you share ?
  3. Hello, looking for component or any other solution with which I could update client old database. I have a software which on installation writes database from SQL file. From time to time I'm making updates to my database, which have several new tables, new columns, new key's. The problem is to update client database on next installation. I don't prefer using any separate tool for this. I can use this solution - but go true 50 tables and many columns - not the quick way which I'd like to proceed 🙂 Asking for advice quicker solution. Thank you.
  4. dkprojektai

    Debugger does not start on 360 total security

    Sometimes I had it too with 360 total security. One time rebuild helps, another Delphi restart 🙂
  5. dkprojektai

    Debugger does not start on 360 total security

    I did, but it did not help.
  6. dkprojektai

    Debugger does not start on 360 total security

    I have changed it to NOD. IT was impossible to add to exception list. Don't know why.
  7. Hello, found interesting problem. Tried to run Delphi Rio debugger on simple 32bit program (just form and nothing else) - and it do not not start. :) Problem was on antivirus... 360 total security - Details: Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\bds.exe Add Process to Trust List Action: Remote thread injection Path: C:\Users\Donatas\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\Projects\Win32\Debug\Project1.exe Suspicious file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\android64debugide260.bpl Protection information: AD|10, 10, -1|37C394D4165329DD77ED30CEE012408E|<sha1>f4667e3ce43b74f988044661c9a73c88e63f85fa</sha1> Is there real problem or just a bug ?
  8. dkprojektai

    Exception - figure where?

    Hello, need some help to find out where exception rises (it rises not every time, usually after some time processing). Here is the code: 77473b31 ntdll.dll KiUserExceptionDispatcher 757ce699 KERNELBASE.dll CreateFileW 0076ab2a ANPRl.exe OtlParallel 3440 TOmniParallelSimpleLoop.Execute_2__ActRec._0_Body 0076a716 ANPR.exe OtlParallel 3380 TOmniParallelSimpleLoop.CreateForTask_ActRec._0_Body 00741717 ANPR.exe OtlTaskControl 2008 TOmniTaskExecutor.Asy_Execute 0074071e ANPR.exe OtlTaskControl 1592 TOmniTask.InternalExecute 007404f6 ANPR.exe OtlTaskControl 1510 TOmniTask.Execute 00732fa2 ANPR.exe OtlThreadPool 889 TOTPWorkerThread.ExecuteWorkItem 00732b29 ANPR.exe OtlThreadPool 846 TOTPWorkerThread.Execute 004d8625 ANPR.exe System.Classes ThreadProc 0040b9a0 ANPR.exe System ThreadWrapper 76dffa27 KERNEL32.DLL BaseThreadInitThunk Can someone to explain?
  9. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    With my code now - 12 seconds.
  10. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    17 seconds.
  11. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    I can't use it, because all works on Unigui web server.
  12. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    /* Affected rows: 0 Found rows: 4 956 Warnings: 0 Duration for 1 query: 1,109 sec. (+ 0,032 sec. network) */
  13. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    This is how looks 1 page. 5000 records generates 200 pages.
  14. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

  15. dkprojektai

    Export to PDF speed

    Thank you all, what I found - disable all to False (for frxPDFExport9). It helps a little. There is picture (8 KB), but I think, it's not this who gives low speed for building PDF. For me 5000 records was build thru 15 seconds. It's too much for me. I use 6.6.9 version and D10.3. Any other thoughts ?