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  1. Thommy7571


    I see, I remarked also this difference of Chat gPT in relation to the popularity of the programming languages. I already tried SynPDF? Can I add it as an additional program since it is no library? If there is a forum, I will ask there.
  2. Thommy7571


    Hallo, Thanks very much for this help. I have not yet much experience with such kind of using additional code. Could you give me a link to some examples and explain how to use the files? It is not a library as usual.
  3. Thommy7571


    Hello, After trying other pdf solutions, CHATGPT told me that there is a pdf library available which can be accessed from a Vcl library. The data type should be TPDFDocument:. I did not know where I should place this question. Since it seems to be part of VcL I ask here. I passed one day trying all suggestions given by ChatGPT (TPDFDocument, AcroPDFLib_tlb, ..). Nothing worked. Can anybody help me. I want to create a PDF document, add images and close it at the end. I only found commercial libraries with annual fees. Or is finally the claim right of ChatGPT, that I need to repair my Delphi-Installation? I just installed it and I don't believe ChatGPT concerning this. Thanks for any help. Thommy7571 PS: If the page is moved to another place please give me a message...