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  1. Leif Uneus

    Current VCLZip?

    @uligerhardtHave you tried SynZip by Synopse?
  2. Leif Uneus

    Implement InfluxDB in Delphi

    Hi Nizarazu, I did that two years ago. Had to correct some leaks from the github source and added more features. All I did to make it work was to install a graphic tool from Influx and make sure that real time data was flushed to my computer. Some Influx databases were also opened up for remote access. From there I was able to implement the same operations in a sample Delphi project. We are hosting a cloud service, where real time data from thousands of monitors and sensors are pushed into a central database. From there, data is validated, stored and pushed out again to the service subscribers. On site, reports and forecasts are made and presented. Most of the real time streaming and primary storage are made by InfluxDB tools. Validation, reports and presentation is mostly built with Delphi. We are planning to expand the Delphi tooling to avoid middle layers in connection to streaming in the near future. /Leif Edit: There is also a Delphi tool called QuickLogger that supports InfluxDB. See https://github.com/exilon/QuickLogger. Also available from Delphi GetIt Package Manager.
  3. Leif Uneus

    Simple FFT

    Look at this Scimark Delphi implementation that includes a FFT library. https://github.com/philip-goh/scimark-delphi/blob/master/FFT.pas
  4. Leif Uneus

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    Same here. I repeatedly closed the Welcome screen and opened it again with no luck. After I restarted the IDE it showed up though. A bug ???
  5. Leif Uneus

    Delphi for ARM

    For native linux ARM support, there is freepascal. See https://wiki.freepascal.org/Lazarus_on_Raspberry_Pi
  6. @dummzeuch and @Rollo62 No matter if you use '123.4' or '123,4'. It gives error in position 4 with a result of 123. Oops, my bad. Indeed when a float is passed, '123.4' results in 123.4 with error = 0, while '123,4' results in 123 with error = 4. There must be an error in the docs: Though one sentence later it says: Which implies that a real type must not be a whole number.
  7. Leif Uneus

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    Look into Axolot XLSSpreadsheet. Their spreadsheet components have been around a very long time. https://www.axolot.com/xss.htm
  8. Leif Uneus

    Why empty dynamic arrays = NIL?

    Why would you need an excuse to do that. Go for it anyway!
  9. Leif Uneus

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    A faster version of Pos() is finally in place. Thanks @Stefan Glienke for making it happen.
  10. I still find the fastcoders purepascal Pos() faster for 64 bit in this modification: https://stackoverflow.com/a/20947429/576719
  11. Borland filed a lawsuite against Microsoft at the time of Hejlsberg's departure though. See https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB863034062733665000 >Borland Charges Microsoft Stole Away Its Employees
  12. They profile gender, race, age, social and physical variations, education, income. Next step is political preference, sexual preference, previouse convictions, racism.
  13. Leif Uneus

    Delphi WAT of the day

    Ok, yes a warning would be expected!
  14. Leif Uneus

    Delphi WAT of the day

    I don't know what you mean. For sure it gives a range check error.
  15. @Mike Torrettinni If you are looking for a faster Pos() function in 64-bit mode, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/20947429/576719 It is based on Fastcoders purepascal version. Just added some details to make it compile in 64-bit.