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  1. My experience exactly so I guess the TRest family can be avoided. One last thing is to understand the disconnections I have, not sure if it's client or server side. Any tips on finding that out?
  2. Amos

    10.3.1 has been released

    Hi and sorry if this question was already asked. Can Delphi 10.2 be installed on the same computer with 10.3.1? Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for sharing your experience, I understand you had a very bad experience with the TRestClient (and the gang) but I wonder if you tried TNetHTTPClient and what was your experience with that. I ask because out of all the things you wrote, the timeout issue is the only thing I'm dealing with now and have no clue what's going on. I do know that when the servlet is running locally, it's working flawlessly and when running remotely, I get disconnections, not sure if it's timeout related or not. I will give indy a try though I preferred to use built in components and not 3rd party ones. I understand that the component that came with 10.2 is not the latest one, how can I be sure that I'm using the latest TidHTTP component in 10.2? Also, will I need the external ssl dll files for it to work with https?
  4. 2 related questions: The first one is: I found detailed explanations about TNetHTTPClient and TRestClient (and its gang) but I couldn't find an explanation about the advantage of using 3 REST components instead of one TNetHTTPClient component. I do query a rest service and receive data but I do it using TNetHTTPClient and it seems to work ok (unless I'm missing something) so I was wondering what are the benefits/advantages of using the Rest components instead. The other question is: I set the ConnectionTimeout to 120000 (2 minutes) and the ResponseTimeout to 60000000 (1000 minutes). The server is a servlet written in Java and the session timeout there is 30 minutes. Despite the above, after 30 seconds or so, the connection is terminated and the response is nil as if something broke it in the middle of the work. How can I know if it's a client side or a server side? Am I missing something with the responsetimeout I set? Thanks