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  1. OmahaMax

    OmniThread with Database

    No, thank goodness. I am using Absolute Database from Component Ace. I've been very happy with it.
  2. OmahaMax

    OmniThread with Database

    @Schokohase: Thank you so much for taking the time to help and your suggestions. I'm going to take another route for the time being. However, when I have time, if I can figure out create a simple reproduction (as per David's suggestion) I will post/upload it.
  3. OmahaMax

    OmniThread with Database

    Yes. As you can see in the code provided above, each thread creates a tdatamodule (aDm). aDm is set up using the following Procedure SetUp(DataPath). The TAbsSession component has property AutoSessionName set to True. procedure TdmRetriever.SetUp(const aDataPath: string); begin Randomize; DBRetriever.DatabaseName := 'BSJob' + IntToStr(Random(1000)); DBRetriever.DatabaseFileName := aDataPath + 'ReporterDB.abs'; DBRetriever.SessionName := SessionRetriever.SessionName; DBRetriever.MultiUser := True; DBRetriever.Open; tblTransBSRetriever.SessionName := SessionRetriever.SessionName; tblTransBSRetriever.DatabaseName := DBRetriever.DatabaseName; tblTransBSRetriever.TableName := 'TransBS'; tblTransBSRetriever.IndexName := 'AcctNumDate'; tblTransBSRetriever.Open; qRetrieverNew.SessionName := SessionRetriever.SessionName; qRetrieverNew.DatabaseName := DBRetriever.DatabaseName; qRetrieverOld.SessionName := SessionRetriever.SessionName; qRetrieverOld.DatabaseName := DBRetriever.DatabaseName; end; So, I believe each thread does have its own database connection. I'm awfully new to multi-threaded database work, so maybe I'm wrong.
  4. OmahaMax

    OmniThread with Database

    Yes, it is a simple TStringList. However, when the output is posted in the final inserter stage, the inserted output matches the stringlist results. One thread works, two threads fail to process the first input, three threads fail to process the first two inputs, and so forth. Results are the same with or without logging.
  5. OmahaMax

    OmniThread with Database

    The following code works perfectly with one task but fails to process one input variable with two tasks, two input variables with three tasks, etc. pipeline := Parallel .Pipeline .Stage( procedure(const input, output: IOmniBlockingCollection) var NewAmt, OldAmt: Currency; aDataObj: TDataObj; aValue: TOmniValue; aDm: TdmRetriever; begin aDm := TdmRetriever.Create(nil); aDm.SetUp(DataPath); aDataObj := TDataObj.Create('', 0, 0); try for aValue in input do // input is a stringlist of AcctNum begin s := aValue.AsString; MySL.Add(s); aDm.qRetrieverNew.SQL.Text := 'SELECT SUM(Amount) AS CurrYrAmt FROM TransBS' + #13 + 'WHERE (dDate <= ' + QuotedStr(ThruDateStr) + ') AND (AcctNum = ' + QuotedStr(s) + ')'; aDm.qRetrieverOld.SQL.Text := 'SELECT SUM(Amount) AS PrevYrAmt FROM TransBS' + #13 + 'WHERE (dDate <= ' + QuotedStr(PrevThruDateStr) + ') AND (AcctNum = ' + QuotedStr(s) + ')'; aDm.qRetrieverNew.Open; aDm.qRetrieverOld.Open; // Everything continues fine with one task; execution continues with first AcctNum // The first AcctNum is not processed below with two tasks // The first and second AcctNum are not processed below with three tasks if not VarIsNull(aDm.qRetrieverNew.FieldByName('CurrYrAmt').AsVariant) then NewAmt := aDm.qRetrieverNew.FieldByName('CurrYrAmt').AsCurrency else NewAmt := 0; if not VarIsNull(aDm.qRetrieverOld.FieldByName('PrevYrAmt').AsVariant) then OldAmt := aDm.qRetrieverOld.FieldByName('PrevYrAmt').AsCurrency else OldAmt := 0; MySL.Add(s + ', ' + CurrToStr(NewAmt) + ', ' + CurrToStr(OldAmt) ); aDataObj.fAcctNum := s; aDataObj.fCurrYr := NewAmt; aDataObj.fPrevYr := OldAmt; if not output.TryAdd(aDataObj) then break; end; aDm.SessionRetriever.CloseDatabase(aDm.dbRetriever); aDm.SessionRetriever.DropConnections; finally aDataObj.Free; aDm.Free; end; end ).NumTasks(aNumTasks) .Stage( The results, as logged to the MySL stringlist, are attached. I have no idea how to fix this. "aDm" is datamodule I create which contains the queries. I have placed the query openingss in a try-except and never received an error. I have placed query.isempty in a while loop since the query for AcctNum 1111 takes about 4 seconds. The answer is probably something simple, but I'm at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. Will appreciate any help. Log.txt