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  1. It may very by Delphi version. $(OUTPUTFILENAME) worked for me in Delphi 11.3.
  2. You could try a pre-build event as a workaround: CMD /C DEL $(OUTPUTFILENAME) If your output path or filename has spaces, try CMD /C DEL "$(OUTPUTFILENAME)"
  3. JonRobertson

    A native VCL, and not Windows-based, TComboBox control.

    As does the Delphi debugger.
  4. Or build the desired applications using C++ Builder?
  5. JonRobertson

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    You don't "set" it. You launch it. Click the Windows Start Button and either expand the Embarcadero Delphi group, or type "Delphi" or "DPI" or "Unaware". One of those should reveal an icon for Delphi (DPI Unaware). If you launch BDS.exe by another method, add /highdpi:unaware as a command-line parameter.
  6. JonRobertson

    A native VCL, and not Windows-based, TComboBox control.

    Perhaps it was a request (in Delphi 13) for a new VCL combo box control that is not a subclass of the Win32API COMBOBOX class.
  7. JonRobertson

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    I recently came across a company online developing AI "clones", and decided to ask an "Abraham Lincoln clone" the question "Why do you believe you were assassinated?" After giving a three or four paragraph response that I would expect from documented history, the AI then asked me what circumstances led to my assassination. That isn't artificial intelligence. That is a complete lack of intelligence.
  8. JonRobertson

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    Yep, I fought that headache even as a solo developer on a project. My dev machine is a laptop. The laptop's display has a different recommended scaling than the monitors attached to my docking station at the office. I would get so frustrated during commits because I only commit intentional or needed changes. I do not want commits littered with changes to Left/Top/etc due to the form designer running at a different scale/dpi. All of that headache thankfully went away after I discovered DPI Unaware mode.
  9. JonRobertson

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    Genuine question on HighDPI. So far, working in DPI Unaware mode works well for me. As long as the run-time handles scaling "correctly". Since switching to DPI Unaware mode, I have not needed to write (or borrow) workarounds for HighDPI issues. Are there scenarios where designing in HighDPI would be beneficial? Just to improve the development experience or to improve the user's experience when using the produced app?
  10. JonRobertson

    How do I upgrade from (c++ Builder) 11.3 to 12 ?

    Try https://my.embarcadero.com/, login, and then My Downloads (icon/button on left that looks like a cloud with a down arrow inside).
  11. JonRobertson

    activex word97 word

    When I code any Office app automation in Delphi using the bundled wrappers, I use the more recent one. There may be a reason to use the Office 2000 wrapper. But I've never had a reason to use the older version.
  12. JonRobertson

    activex word97 word

    Has anything changed in the Delphi environment between the "original compiled dll" and the one you are testing? Such as version of Delphi and any third-party components? Is the DLL interfacing with Word through COM Automation? If so, are you using the component wrappers included with Delphi or something else? Are your tests with "original dll" and new dll each talking to the same version of Word on the same machine?
  13. I came across this while searching for something completely different. Although an old thread, I have a suggestion (if you have not already tried): Change your program to create .bat files in C:\coboldev to do a batch compile, say 50 compiles per batch file. Launch cmd.exe and pass it the name of the batch file. Monitor for completion, as you mentioned previously. Or have cmd.exe exit upon batch completion (cmd.exe /c comp01.bat) and wait for the created process to end. Perhaps have 10 cmd.exe processes running simultaneously performing batch compiles. And delete each batch file once the process completes. This may solve the slowness cause by the AV scanner, if it is having fits about separate processes being created for each launch of ccbl32, but not when launched several times by a single process. You could also try using a language/tool more powerful than cmd batch, such as PowerShell or Python, to prompt which folders to compile and launch ccbl32 for each file. Or roll your own CI by comparing timestamps of the source against the most recent compiled module. Or try a tool like Jenkins. Lots of options.
  14. JonRobertson

    Testing a Semaphore??

    Using AInitialCount and AMaximumCount values of 1, the semaphore may only be acquired "one time" and other calls to Acquire will block until the semaphore has been released by calling Release. You could call GlobalSemaphore.WaitFor(1) and check the result for wrTimeout. But that only tells you that the semaphore was already acquired when the call as made. The semaphore could be released, and possibly acquired by a different thread, before you called Acquire again. I hope that makes sense.
  15. You want to look for Vcl.ExtDlgs.* and Vcl.Dialogs.* Do you recall modifying either Vcl.ExtDlgs.pas or Vcl.Dialogs.pas? Do you have multiple versions of Delphi installed? Are your library and search paths set correctly? The compiler is finding versions of those two units that are not compatible. This primarily occurs when the interface section of one unit does not match the interface that the other unit was compiled against.