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  1. Kryvich

    End of licence Comunity edition.

    There are no major language and RTL differences between Delphi 10.4 and 11. At the same time, the new version is more stable, has better HighDPI support, improved LSP based ErrorInsight... There is no reason to stay on the old version of Delphi. Only if you have specific requirements that do not allow you to switch to a new one.
  2. Kryvich

    Tensorflow without python

    I wonder if it is possible to create a similar binding for the PyTorch library? To use it directly from Delphi without installing Python.
  3. Kryvich

    CE registering problem

    The new Community edition cannot be installed from ISO in any way. Moreover, they don't provide a link to the ISO for the CE's users, only a link to the online installer.
  4. Kryvich

    Delphi 11 CE Alexandria EdgeBrowser component

    Have you prepared the Edge Browser component for using with your Delphi application? You need an appropriate WebView2Loader.dll to put in a folder with your EXE file.
  5. Kryvich

    C to Pascal

    I tried Bing AI to convert from C to Delphi and it worked quite well. However, I converted individual functions, not the entire library.
  6. Kryvich

    How many people use Delphi?

    However, they have updated the build-in assembler, and now you can write quick code snippets right in the PAS file.
  7. Kryvich

    Delphi 11 Community edtion

    Just installed and immediately ran into a problem with the main toolbar. But there is already a solution.
  8. Kryvich

    Delphi 11.3 (PPI)

    I have just installed a new Delphi 11 Community Edition. And I see something similar with positions of non-visual components (MainMenu, ActionList, OpenDialog etc.) on my form in the VCL Form Designer. Positions are shifted when opening and saving the form. When I compare DFM files, before and after saving, in the new file, the explicit dimensions (ExplicitWidth, ExplicitLeft) differ from those in the old file. For. ex. in the old file: ExplicitWidth = 1630 ExplicitLeft = 1306 In the new file: ExplicitWidth = 1272 ExplicitLeft = 948 Workaround: Immediately after opening your form in the designer, click Save to correct the positions of the non-visual components.
  9. Time to upgrade! I guess it was not an easy decision. Thank you Embarcadero!
  10. Kryvich

    How many people use Delphi?

  11. Kryvich

    Unicode weirdness

    @David Schwartz What type is ln, AnsiString or String? Try ln := StringReplace( strs[n], AnsiString('➤'), '>', [rfReplaceAll] );
  12. Kryvich

    Syntax Highlighting

    I just tried the PlusMemo editor. Looks very interesting. Loads a text much faster than standard Windows RichEdit. The Win32 version failed to load large files, but a 50MB XML file can be loaded, plugged in a highlighter, and edited comfortably. Conclusion: it's a great rich text editor, thanks for bringing it to our attention! And thanks to the developers for open sourcing it! It would be great to see it on Github.
  13. Kryvich


    May be aliexpress-api-delphi is a closed source repository. Or never existed, but was made up by a neural network. Only Thomas can answer.
  14. @David Schwartz If you need a ready to use solution, you may look at the answers to this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9533760/how-can-i-get-a-dataset-of-in-memory-objects In particular, The Dduce library, TListDataSet<T>.