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  1. https://github.com/Kryuski/AnsiToUtf8
  2. Rather hope for 10.5. They are unlikely to break DCU compatibility in 10.4.1.
  3. Kryvich

    language updates in 10.4?

    Well I would prefer the short form for other record operators too: typeName = record operator conversionOp: resultType; operator unaryOp: resultType; operator comparisonOp(b: type): Boolean; operator binaryOp(b: type): resultType; end;
  4. Kryvich

    language updates in 10.4?

    So how you like a syntax Embarcadero finally choose for initialization / finalization of the custom managed records? type TMyRecord = record Value: Integer; class operator Initialize (out Dest: TMyRecord); class operator Finalize(var Dest: TMyRecord); class operator Assign (var Dest: TMyRecord; const [ref] Src: TMyRecord); end; Early in 2018 Marco showed a slightly different syntax. I personally would prefer something like type TMyRecord = record Value: Integer; operator Initialize; operator Finalize; operator Assign(const [ref] Src: TMyRecord); end; Then Dest would be replaced by Self.
  5. It's unfair to compare the ancient Delphi 2007 with the relatively new VS 2017. It is not even Unicode compliant.
  6. Rad Studio has the Migration tool. You can use it to backup & restore registry settings, to migrate to newer version of Delphi.
  7. Kryvich

    Feature: ParentFont? Yes, but...

    VCL Per Control Styling is planned for 10.4 (https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/get-ready-for-the-10-4-beta-with-update-subscription). Perhaps it will help to solve the problem.
  8. Kryvich

    Feature: ParentFont? Yes, but...

    Why not leave ParentFont property value to default, and modify font settings in Form.OnShow?
  9. Kryvich

    Boolean evaluation

    What is Administrator? Is it a field, or a method (function)? What actual type does this field have?
  10. Kryvich

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    I would try to find out when used memory grows in size. After opening a certain form, or after compiling, or after starting the program, or after interrupting of execution Ctrl-F2... Try to temporary disable third party plugins and CodeInsight features (Error insight, Help insight).
  11. Kryvich

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    Final conclusion after setting of UTF-8 as a default code page for Windows: if your program actively uses ANSI strings with national characters, you cannot just recompile the program and hope that it will work correctly. You will have to carefully check the code, and use AnsiStrings with a code page (i.e. AnsiString(1251)) or RawByteStrings where appropriate.
  12. Kryvich

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    @Tommi Prami Just a hope. I haven't access to the 10.4 beta. Note: When UTF-8 is used as a default code page in Windows, if you use national characters in a AnsiChar constant, they should be encoded in #$nn format. Otherwise you'll get "W1061 Narrowing given WideChar constant (#$0401) to AnsiChar lost information". program AnsiCharConst; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} const AnsiCharYo1: AnsiChar = 'Ё'; AnsiCharYo2: AnsiChar = #$A8; // 'Ё' in ANSI 1251 Code Page; begin Writeln('#', Byte(AnsiCharYo1), ', #', Byte(AnsiCharYo2)); Readln; end. This program shows: "#129, #168".
  13. Kryvich

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    I think this option is not necessary, if Delphi 10.4 will set UTF-8 encoding by default for all new source files.
  14. Kryvich

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    It's strange that "Borland" still here in Delphi 10.3.3. 🙂
  15. Kryvich

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    I have just write a little command line utility to convert your ANSI file to UTF-8. https://github.com/Kryuski/AnsiToUtf8