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  1. Kryvich


    I don't get this: {$B-} // avoid multiple conditional jumps by not using short eval Actually $B- disables the complete Boolean evaluation. It's a default setting, and it gets a best result in this case.
  2. Kryvich

    Missing DPR

    I have clear.cmd file in my project folders to remove any temporary files, which contains the command: del /f /s *.~* *.bak *.dcu *.identcache *.local *.map *.drc *.cbk *.stat *.tds
  3. Kryvich

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    RAD Studio November 2020 Roadmap PM Commentary
  4. Kryvich

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Christmas is too late.
  5. const STX=#$02; isn't the same as const STX='#$02';
  6. Kryvich

    strange problem with psftp lib

    So instead of "DLL not found" you got "External Exception". This is about how important it is to name exceptions correctly and clearly.
  7. Kryvich

    Reading fields with different lenghts

    packed record > fillchar( MyData, Sizeof(TMyData) , 0 ); MyData := Default(TMyData);
  8. Have you seen QuickJS Javascript Engine: https://bellard.org/quickjs/ The author claims almost complete ES2020 support.
  9. Kryvich

    My custom component becomes NI>

    Where do you store reference variables for the tables? I.e. table1, table2 etc.
  10. Just a remark: I saw the reverse picture when my Win32 application in the Windows XP VirtualBox was running one and a half times faster than in the Windows 10 host machine...
  11. Kryvich

    My custom component becomes NI>

    Have you set the overflow and range checking in the project options?
  12. Kryvich

    Need help with IDhttp and Thread

    Yes, it's possible. And just in case an user needs to stop the download, I added the corresponding button. Now there are 3 states: dsIdle, dsExecuted and dsStopped. Downloader.zip
  13. Kryvich

    Need help with IDhttp and Thread

    Hi, @clubreseau @Remy Lebeau gave you everything you needed to finish the job. But OK, in the attachment to this message is a ready test application based on Remy's code, with the addition of a thread pool. Tested on Delphi CE. Downloader.zip
  14. Kryvich

    Having fun with Delphi

    With Marat's proposal, you should not explicitly free the memory. Moreover, the record will be located in the stack, as opposed to the object.
  15. Kryvich

    Having fun with Delphi

    There are two points. 1. It would be possible to add a helper for the string type, but then the standard helper for this type will stop working. 2. It is considered good style to have specialized string or numeric types for special uses.