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  1. LLuca

    FMXLinux web app deployment

    Thank you for your answer. As soon as I can apply your suggestions I'll update this post.
  2. Hello everyone, first of all I'm glad to have find out about this great forum and community. I need to ask you a question about the recent integration of rad studio: FMXLinux. I've successfully completed all the steps about installing and running FireMonkey for Linux. I've been able to set GTK backend with broadway and to run my sample application on localhost:8080. Now I would like to deploy a web application on my web domain (linux hosting) and I was thinking about writing a php script able to execute the x-executable. Considering that I don't know much about GTK, am I doing the right thing? if not, how can I deploy a FMXLinux app as a web app on a web domain? Thank you for your time