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  1. Mark Lobanov

    TSslHttpCli in multithreading environment

    I applied your advice. Error still occurs
  2. Mark Lobanov

    TSslHttpCli in multithreading environment

    No, I'll try.
  3. Mark Lobanov

    TSslHttpCli in multithreading environment

    Excuse me, I'm don't understand you (( How I have to correct my code?
  4. Hello I'm trying to use TSslHttpCli in multithreading environment (Parallel Programming Library) and getting an error ESocketException with message 'Invalid argument (#10022 in WSACancelAsyncRequest)’ in Get method. Please, help me. Why does an error occurs? If I'm calling TSslHttpCli.Get in main application thread this error does not occurs. program ics_test; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses Classes, IOUtils, System.Threading, System.SyncObjs, System.SysUtils, OverbyteIcsWndControl, OverbyteIcsHttpProt, OverbyteIcsWSocket; type TSslHttpCliHelper = class strict private hc: TSslHttpCli; fCookie: string; procedure hcOnCookie(Sender: TObject; const Data: String; var Accept: Boolean); function handleHttpResult: string; public procedure doGet; constructor Create; destructor Destroy; override; end; TTestTask = class(TTask) private fHelper: TSslHttpCliHelper; public constructor Create(Sender: TObject; Event: TNotifyEvent; const AProc: TProc; const APool: TThreadPool; const AParent: TTask); destructor Destroy; override; end; function makeFileNameID(Obj: TObject): string; begin Result := IntToHex(Integer( pointer( Obj ) ), 8); end; { TTestTask } constructor TTestTask.Create(Sender: TObject; Event: TNotifyEvent; const AProc: TProc; const APool: TThreadPool; const AParent: TTask); begin inherited Create(Sender, Event, AProc, APool, AParent); fHelper := TSslHttpCliHelper( Sender ); end; destructor TTestTask.Destroy; begin fHelper.Free; inherited; end; { TSslHttpCliHelper } constructor TSslHttpCliHelper.Create; begin hc := TSslHttpCli.Create( nil ); hc.ContentTypePost := 'application/json'; hc.Accept := '*/*'; hc.Connection := 'Keep-Alive'; hc.Agent := 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.131 Safari/537.36'; hc.ResponseNoException := True; // hc.MultiThreaded := True; hc.SendStream := nil; hc.RcvdStream := TBytesStream.Create; hc.OnCookie := hcOnCookie; hc.sslContext := TSslContext.Create( nil ); hc.sslContext.SslMinVersion := sslVerTLS1_2; hc.sslContext.SslMaxVersion := sslVerTLS1_3; end; destructor TSslHttpCliHelper.Destroy; begin hc.SendStream.Free; hc.RcvdStream.Free; hc.SslContext.Free; hc.Free; inherited; end; procedure TSslHttpCliHelper.doGet; begin hc.url := 'https://api.ehealth-ukraine.org/api/dictionaries'; hc.Get; TFile.WriteAllText('test.'+makeFileNameID( Self )+'.json', handleHttpResult, TEncoding.UTF8); end; function TSslHttpCliHelper.handleHttpResult: string; begin if Assigned( hc.RcvdStream ) and (hc.RcvdStream.Size > 0) then Result := Trim( TEncoding.UTF8.GetString( TBytesStream( hc.RcvdStream ).Bytes ) ) else Result := EmptyStr; end; procedure TSslHttpCliHelper.hcOnCookie(Sender: TObject; const Data: String; var Accept: Boolean); begin fCookie := Data; Accept := True; end; function createTask(ATaskHelper: TSslHttpCliHelper): TTestTask; begin Result := TTestTask.Create(ATaskHelper, nil, procedure() begin ATaskHelper.doGet; end, TThreadPool.Default, nil); end; var tasks: array of ITask; task: ITask; hlp: TSslHttpCliHelper; begin { // Normal hlp := TSslHttpCliHelper.Create; try hlp.doGet; finally hlp.Free; end; } { --------------------------- Debugger Exception Notification --------------------------- Project ics_test.exe raised exception class ESocketException with message 'Invalid argument (#10022 in WSACancelAsyncRequest)'. --------------------------- Break Continue Help --------------------------- } SetLength(tasks, 1); tasks[0] := createTask( TSslHttpCliHelper.Create ); for task in tasks do task.Start; TTask.WaitForAll( tasks ); SetLength(tasks, 0); end. I use Delphi Tokyo 25.0.29899.2631 and ICS 8.61 An example in attachment. ics_test.zip