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  1. amidis

    Run in new desktop

    Finally found the solution. Apparently, I need to close the handle to the thread and process of the executable run in the new desktop in order to properly terminate the new desktop. So I added CloseHandle(pinfo.hProcess); CloseHandle(pinfo.hThread); After WaitForSingleObject, before switching to original desktop. Case closed 🙂
  2. amidis

    Run in new desktop

    Will do this, thanks. I think this is an issue with Windows 11, because apparently you didn't face similar problem. As I wrote earlier, after closing the app, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to show lock screen, and then click Cancel. You will then return to original desktop. On rare cases though (at least for me) this is failed, you might need to repeat cancelling lock screen a few times, or if you run the exe through a cmd line (not directly from Delphi), you need to kill the cmd task that running the script. Afterward, try repeat the lock screen method again.
  3. amidis

    Run in new desktop

    Hi, I try to build a console app to run an exe in a new Windows desktop. This is my code: var deskHnd : HDESK; curDesk : HDESK; pstart : STARTUPINFO; pinfo : PROCESS_INFORMATION; newDesk : string; begin try if ParamCount<1 then begin writeln('Usage: deskrun [exe file]'); Exit; end; if not(FileExists(ParamStr(1))) or (LowerCase(ExtractFileExt(ParamStr(1)))<>'.exe') then begin writeln('Executable not found!'); Exit; end; curDesk := GetThreadDesktop(0); Randomize; newDesk := 'Run-In-New-Desktop-'+IntToStr(Random(MaxInt)); deskHnd := CreateDesktop(PChar(newDesk),nil,nil,0,GENERIC_ALL,nil); ZeroMemory(@pstart, SizeOf(pstart)); pstart.cb := SizeOf(pstart); pstart.lpDesktop := PChar(newDesk); CreateProcess(PChar(ParamStr(1)),nil,nil,nil,false,0,nil,nil,pstart,pinfo); CloseHandle(pinfo.hThread); SwitchDesktop(deskHnd); WaitForSingleObject(pinfo.hProcess, INFINITE); CloseDesktop(deskHnd); SwitchDesktop(curDesk); except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); end; end. The code run ok, it's just an issue which bothers me. Everytime I close the exe run by this program, the desktop does not switch back to original desktop (SwitchDesktop(curDesk)) does not work, even the CloseDesktop(deskHnd) seems like does not working as well. I need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on Cancel for me to return to original desktop. Any idea how to fix this?