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  1. Gustav Schubert

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    I am quite sure that, for the TAsyncDeletion trick to work in Tokyo, you need to make one more change, in TControls.Destroy. { in Vcl.Controls } destructor TControl.Destroy; begin if Application <> nil then // <-- check needed Application.ControlDestroyed(Self); // ... end; Otherwise, when closing application, you will have access violation and different memory leak (TScrollWindows) because TAsyncDeletion.FreeItems is called when Application is already nil, and App will crash when first item in the list is destroyed.
  2. Gustav Schubert

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

  3. Gustav Schubert

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    Detail noticed: Order is initially ok, IF the default style is not Windows (but for example Iceberg Classico) and only becomes problematic after switching to another VCL Style (other than Windows). // order with default VCL style <> Windows, immediately after startup TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TListView TTreeView // order after switching to VCL style <> Windows TListView TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TScrollingStyleHook.TScrollWindow TTreeView ( The order we always get with the workaround is the same as the initial order without workaround. )
  4. Gustav Schubert

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    1. I have reduced the test project (in source.zip on page 1) further and have a very small observation: With only three components (RadioGroup, TreeView, ListView) the memory leak disapears. But the memory leak (after switching style at runtime) is back when TreeView and ListView are children of (the same) Panel. I needed to bring back the panel! In other words: The observation is that the parent Panel plays a role. Why is it that we need a Panel (or maybe other common parent component) to see the problem? 2. Confirmed that the TListView.WndProc override 'works' in Tokyo.
  5. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    Update: There are now 141 web colors (139 unique). The relatively new web color is Rebeccapurple, not (yet) included in TAlphaColorRec. In my temporary capacity as an expert on LegacySkyBlue I have reported to Quality: RSP-32781. And I have uploaded FrmColor.pas (the main form in RG69.dpr) as a test for my TRggWebColorListBox runtime component. ( The component can show colors in a sort order that is NOT alphabetically, and filter by group of web colors. )
  6. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    Actually, there are 138 unique color values in the 140 web colors, because of Aqua = Cyan and Fuchsia = Magenta. AlphaColors array in System.UIConsts has a 'unique constraint' on the Name but not on the Value. Definitions of Cream and LegacySkyBlue are wrong in FMX. // Colors do not match - verified with pipette in MS Paint. Rectangle1.Fill.Color := TAlphaColors.Cream; // FMX Shape1.Brush.Color := TColors.Cream; // VCL Reason: TAlphaColorRec Red = Alpha or TAlphaColor($FF0000); // correct MoneyGreen = TAlphaColor($FFC0DCC0); // symmetry LegacySkyBlue = Alpha or TAlphaColor($F0CAA6); // wrong Cream = Alpha or TAlphaColor($F0FBFF); // wrong {$IFDEF BIGENDIAN} (A, R, G, B: System.Byte); {$ELSE} (B, G, R, A: System.Byte); {$ENDIF} TColorRec Red = TColor($0000FF); // correct MoneyGreen = TColor($C0DCC0); // the original LegacySkyBlue = TColor($F0CAA6); // the original Cream = TColor($F0FBFF); // the original {$IFDEF BIGENDIAN} (A, B, G, R: System.Byte); {$ELSE} (R, G, B, A: System.Byte); {$ENDIF} Test program: program CreamTest; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} uses System.SysUtils, System.UIConsts, System.UITypes; var c: TAlphaColor; cr: TColorRec; acr: TAlphaColorRec; i: Integer; begin try cr.Color := TColors.Red; acr.Color := TAlphaColors.Red; Assert(cr.R = acr.R); Assert(cr.G = acr.G); Assert(cr.B = acr.B); WriteLn('Red test ok.'); // Green and Blue are ok as well WriteLn; cr.Color := TColors.Cream; acr.Color := TAlphaColors.Cream; Assert(cr.R = acr.B); Assert(cr.G = acr.G); Assert(cr.B = acr.R); WriteLn('Verified: R and B are swapped for Cream!'); cr.Color := TColors.LegacySkyBlue; acr.Color := TAlphaColors.LegacySkyBlue; Assert(cr.R = acr.B); Assert(cr.G = acr.G); Assert(cr.B = acr.R); WriteLn('Verified: R and B are swapped for LegacySkyBlue!'); WriteLn; WriteLn('Cream Test begins'); cr.Color := TColors.Cream; acr.Color := TAlphaColors.Cream; i := 0; if cr.R <> acr.R then begin WriteLn('R is wrong.'); Inc(i); end; if cr.B <> acr.B then begin WriteLn('B is wrong.'); Inc(i); end; if i = 0 then WriteLn('Test ok.') else WriteLn('Cream test failed.'); WriteLn; WriteLn('AlphaColorToString Tests:'); WriteLn('Aqua', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.Aqua)); WriteLn('Cyan', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.Cyan)); WriteLn('Fuchsia', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.Fuchsia)); WriteLn('Magenta', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.Magenta)); WriteLn('MoneyGreen', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.MoneyGreen)); WriteLn('LegacySkyBlue', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.LegacySkyBlue)); WriteLn('Cream', '=', AlphaColorToString(TAlphaColors.Cream)); WriteLn; WriteLn('ColorToString Tests:'); WriteLn('Aqua', '=', ColorToString(TColors.Aqua)); WriteLn('Cyan', '=', ColorToString(TColors.Cyan)); WriteLn('Fuchsia', '=', ColorToString(TColors.Fuchsia)); WriteLn('Magenta', '=', ColorToString(TColors.Magenta)); WriteLn('MoneyGreen', '=', ColorToString(TColors.MoneyGreen)); WriteLn('LegacySkyBlue', '=', ColorToString(TColors.LegacySkyBlue)); WriteLn('Cream', '=', ColorToString(TColors.Cream)); ReadLn; except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); end; end. Output: Red test ok. Verified: R and B are swapped for Cream! Verified: R and B are swapped for LegacySkyBlue! Cream Test begins R is wrong. B is wrong. Cream test failed. AlphaColorToString Tests: Aqua=Aqua Cyan=Aqua Fuchsia=Fuchsia Magenta=Fuchsia MoneyGreen=#FFC0DCC0 LegacySkyBlue=#FFF0CAA6 Cream=#FFF0FBFF ColorToString Tests: Aqua=clAqua Cyan=clAqua Fuchsia=clFuchsia Magenta=clFuchsia MoneyGreen=clMoneyGreen LegacySkyBlue=clSkyBlue Cream=clCream I am playing with colors, but not yet used in any feature of the app: ( https://github.com/federgraph/RiggVar-RG38/blob/master/FB/RiggVar.FB.Color.pas )
  7. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    Analysis of the day: 140 web colors + 1 Alpha + 1 Null + 7 Grey duplicats + 6 (LtGray, MedGray, DkGray, MoneyGreen, LegacySkyBlue, Cream) ----- 155 named colors in TAlphaColorRec in System.UITypes ===== 140 web color // see https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_colors.asp + 1 Null (claNull) + 7 Grey duplicates // claDarkgrey, claDarkslategrey, claDimgrey, claGrey, claLightgrey, claLightslategrey, claSlategrey ----- 148 global cla Constants in System.UIConsts ===== The 148 named color constants can be iterated over using AlphaColors array, which is private in System.UIConsts. You are supposed to do it with the help of procedure GetAlphaColorValues(Proc: TGetStrProc); See constructor of FMX.Colors.TRTLColors for an example of how to use it. The problem with GetAlphaColorValues is described in RSP-30408. A TWebColors type similar to TAlphaColors but with only 140 entries would be nice. FFF0F0F0 is still a candidate for inclusion in TAlphaColorRec (to be dropped later). I no longer want E0E0E0 (only used as default color for TRectangle.Fill).
  8. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    BtnFace-F0F0F0 is the most important color in the Delphi universe. A great opportunity still exists for Embarcadero to give this unnamed color a proper place in the encyclopedia of color names. All that is needed is to include it in TAlphaColorRec, and return the name from the AlphaColorToString function. Since there are duplicate names already (defined for some of the gray values), it does not matter much to add one more, and another one for E0E0E0, and an alternative name for DarkGray. Maybe they are reading this and will act. Then I could just clone the TAlphaColorRec and delete everything I do not want. All the standard functions like AlphaColorToString would work for me out of the box. I don't know if that idea was the reason why I posted here. Sometimes it is a bit fuzzy. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain my point! mfg
  9. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    This is from my application: A0B0 := TRggLine.Create('A0B0'); L := A0B0; //L.StrokeColor := TAlphaColors.Gray; // FMX only L.StrokeColor := TRggColors.Gray; // VCL and FMX and LCL L.Point1 := A0; L.Point2 := B0; Add(L); I am designing a color palette (from well known color names) and I am thinking about color names to be included. The user (myself, to begin with) is expected to specify names that can be remembered. I took TAlphaColorRec as a starting point, and I am free to fix any potential problems. For example: F0F0F0 (BtnFace) is not a named color, not in the realm of Delphi FMX. Should Embarcadero give a name to that color, and which? How about MedGray and DarkGray. What to do with the duplicated colors, keep them? Want is your opinion, of the palette of named colors in Delphi?
  10. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    I only want to use colors that are defined in TAlphaColorRec, and which return the name from AlphaColorToString. This is what I want to figure out.
  11. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    I am dealing with two missing colors, one ambiguous color (MedGray), one misleading color (DarkGray), and duplicated color values (gray vs. grey). Joke: I suggest that the wiki pages add two buttons, "sort by gray" and "sort by grey". In my test program I show 10 overlapping rectangles (FMX) or shapes (VCL) to verify my understanding of the color values. The second 'color name' in the following output is returned from AlphaColorToString(color) or ColorToString(color). #FFF0F0F0 - default color for a Window background in FMX. #FFE0E0E0 - default value of Rectangle1.Fill.Color in FMX. // FormatString := '%d: [%20s]: %12s = %x = (%d, %d, %d)'; Testprogram output for FMX: 0: [ Whitesmoke F5 245]: Whitesmoke = FFF5F5F5 = (245, 245, 245) 1: [ WindowWhite F0 240]: #FFF0F0F0 = FFF0F0F0 = (240, 240, 240) 2: [ ChinaWhite E0 224]: #FFE0E0E0 = FFE0E0E0 = (224, 224, 224) 3: [ Gainsboro DC 220]: Gainsboro = FFDCDCDC = (220, 220, 220) 4: [ Lightgray D3 211]: Lightgray = FFD3D3D3 = (211, 211, 211) 5: [ Silver C0 192]: Silver = FFC0C0C0 = (192, 192, 192) 6: [ Darkgray A9 169]: Darkgray = FFA9A9A9 = (169, 169, 169) 7: [ MedGray A0 160]: #FFA0A0A0 = FFA0A0A0 = (160, 160, 160) 8: [ Gray 80 128]: Gray = FF808080 = (128, 128, 128) 9: [ Dimgray 69 105]: Dimgray = FF696969 = (105, 105, 105) Testprogram output for VCL colors: 0: [ Whitesmoke F5 245]: $00F5F5F5 = F5F5F5 = (245, 245, 245) 1: [ WindowWhite F0 240]: $00F0F0F0 = F0F0F0 = (240, 240, 240) 2: [ ChinaWhite E0 224]: $00E0E0E0 = E0E0E0 = (224, 224, 224) 3: [ Gainsboro DC 220]: $00DCDCDC = DCDCDC = (220, 220, 220) 4: [ Lightgray D3 211]: $00D3D3D3 = D3D3D3 = (211, 211, 211) 5: [ Silver C0 192]: clSilver = C0C0C0 = (192, 192, 192) 6: [ Darkgray A9 169]: $00A9A9A9 = A9A9A9 = (169, 169, 169) 7: [ MedGray A0 160]: clMedGray = A4A0A0 = (160, 160, 164) 8: [ Gray 80 128]: clGray = 808080 = (128, 128, 128) 9: [ Dimgray 69 105]: $00696969 = 696969 = (105, 105, 105) Color names according to chir.ag: F5 245 Wild Sand approx. (Whitesmoke) F0 240 Gallery approx. (clBtnFace, "WindowWhite") E0 224 Alto approx. () DC 220 Alto approx.(Gainsboro) D3 211 Alto approx. (Lightgray) C0 192 Silver solid (Silver) A9 169 Silver Chalice approx. (Darkgray) A0 160 Silver Chalice approx. (MedGray FMX) 80 128 Gray solid (Gray) 69 105 Dove Gray approx. (DimGray) A0A0A4 Santas Gray approx. (MedGray VCL) clBtnFace is not a named color: https://encycolorpedia.com/named https://colorate.azurewebsites.net/Color/F0F0F0
  12. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    My problem is that I cannot find the FMX version of clBtnFace in TAlphaColorRec. (WindowWhite) Btw, by now I have decided that grey has lost! I know this is a little unfair, but only a little, and I am not really sorry, mainly because the chance was there, with FMX, in the beginning. As far as the DarkGray problem is concerned, any suggestion for a more appropiate name? I would consider a French name too, for my internal cross platform TRggColors helper.
  13. Gustav Schubert

    About MedGray and WindowWhite

    I think the VCL version of MedGray contains a typo: // Search for MedGray in unit System.UITypes: MedGray = TColor($A4A0A0); MedGray = Alpha or TAlphaColor($A0A0A0); See (also) the following docwiki topics: RADStudio/Sydney/en/Colors_in_the_VCL RADStudio/Sydney/en/Colors_in_FireMonkey Already known: Gray is darker than DarkGray, this is ok ( I learned it from Stackoverflow). Use Dimgray if you want a darker gray than Gray. The default background color of a Window is not a named color in TAlphaColorRec. Duplicate color values in TAlphaColorRec are by design. There is an open RSP (29269) which complains about duplicated color values in System.UITypes.TAlphaColorRec. Questions: Are color values other then web colors allowed to have a name in TAlphaColorRec? If so, what color names would you like to be included, for convenience? QuickSilver = Alpha or TAlphaColor($A0A0A0); // Mediumgrey or Mediumgray or MedGray? WindowWhite = Alpha or TAlphaColor($F0F0F0); // ButtonFace or BtnFace or Buttonface or Windowgray? I never used MedGray, but I need a WindowWhite in FMX. I intend to specify a reduced set of named colors for use in my application. I need those colors to have a good name. I will have VCL, FMX, and LCL versions of my very own TRggColors, which will be available under the same name to client code in VCL and FMX. Gray would be ok. ( Not sure about DarkGray. ) Mediumgray will look nice next to Lightgray. Not sure about WindowWhite. ( This topic is about accessing color values by name for drawing to the canvas of the platform, without creating noise in the diff, and without stopping at surprises. )
  14. Quick fix: keep both. TForm22 = class(TForm) procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject); procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject); private FBaseFrameClass: TBaseFrameClass; { hold on to both } FBaseFrame: TBaseFrame; // object reference FBaseFrameInterface: IInterface; // interface reference end; procedure TForm22.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := True; { Happy mixing is possible! } fBaseFrameClass := TMyFrame; FBaseFrame := FBaseFrameClass.Create; FBaseFrameInterface := FBaseFrame; end; procedure TForm22.FormDestroy(Sender: TObject); begin // fBaseFrame.Free; end;
  15. Gustav Schubert

    Documentation drawings

    I created a Wiki to explain how documentation drawings could be done so that they are live (interactive). The example code is in Delphi. https://github.com/federgraph/documentation-drawings