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  1. Releases · weolar/miniblink49 (github.com)
  2. pyscripter

    Delphi 64bit compiler RTL speedup

    Off Topic: VTune also appears to be a free download (Fix Performance Bottlenecks with Intel® VTune™ Profiler). Any experience of using it with Delphi?
  3. pyscripter

    Delphi 64bit compiler RTL speedup

    Looks free to me. Free Intel® Software Development Tools End User License Agreements (intel.com) The license if fairly liberal.
  4. See also Import(Py_DebugFlag) fails on MacOS · Issue #27 · Alexey-T/Python-for-Lazarus (github.com)
  5. Could you debug MapDLL in both and try to see whether they differ? I have looked at the code and could not see any significant difference.
  6. But the two are almost identical nowadays and they both import Py_DebugFlag etc. Could you please pinpoint what makes the differences (e.g. by stepping through the code)? That would be very useful. If you do have access to Delphi for the MacOS can you please also try with that?
  7. Ok. There must be something wrong with the dynamic library you are using. P4D has been used without such issues in MacOS. Could you please try to install a different version of python say 3.7 or 3.9 and test with that? Can any other MacOS user shed some light here?
  8. pyscripter

    Delphi, Python and Android

    Android is not supported yet.
  9. In that case what happens of you comment out the importing of all flags?
  10. Strange. Py_DebugFlag should be exported on all platforms. Please uncomment the line with the Import - Import(Py_DebugFlag). Does it work then?
  11. Are you sure you are using the latest version from pyscripter/python4delphi: Free components that wrap up Python into Delphi and Lazarus (FPC) (github.com)?
  12. pyscripter

    Problem with FPC

    The fpc support for custom variants is incomplete. See the fpc section at SupportedPlatforms · pyscripter/python4delphi Wiki (github.com). Does it work if you store MainModule.screenshot() to a variable and then call ExtractPythonObjectFrom like in the previous example?
  13. pyscripter

    Images in High DPI, how?

    IconFontsImageList is an Image list. Font Awesome and Segoe MDL2 Assets font are both image fonts. They contain images that scale nicely. Anyway... Happy holidays to everyone!
  14. pyscripter

    Images in High DPI, how?

    Fonts scale quite nicely. Font Awesome for example and the like are used in high DPI apps. Microsoft suggests the use of Segoe MDL2 Assets font for UWP applications (supports layering, colorization and mirroring).
  15. I am new to MacOS developement. I have added an new Connection Profile which test successfully, the PAServer is running, XCode has the command line tools, When I try to add a new SDK nothing happens. What am I missing? Any help?
  16. pyscripter

    Images in High DPI, how?

    Maybe because they are scalable? Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  17. pyscripter

    when to use Py_XDecRef / Py_XIncRef ?

    It depends on who is responsible for the destruction of this object. If you call Py_XDecRef then when the last reference in the python code is deleted python the destructor of the object will be called.
  18. pyscripter

    git and Delphi tooling?

    Windows XP leak confirmed after user compiles the leaked code into a working OS | ZDNet
  19. pyscripter

    git and Delphi tooling?

    Why should I be offended . All my code is open source anyway.
  20. pyscripter

    git and Delphi tooling?

    The emphasis was on more. I trust more...
  21. pyscripter

    git and Delphi tooling?

    The value of stealing commercial code is overstated. The whole Windows code base has been leaked if I remember well. Any employee can steal the source code. And I must say I trust Github abilities to protect the source code (and Google and Amazon) more than those of the IT departments of most companies.
  22. pyscripter

    git and Delphi tooling?

    TortoiseGit here as well. Happy user.
  23. pyscripter

    Array of Objects

    There are many ways to expose Delphi objects to Python but by far the easiest is to use WrapDelphi. Please have a look at the WrapDelphi unit tests and Demo 31.
  24. Have you studied demo33 and used TPythonThread?
  25. pyscripter

    Multiple Instances of Python Engine

    You can only load one pythonxy.dll in the Delphi process, hence you can only have one PythonEngine in an application. Look at Demo33 on how to use threads and/or multiple sub-interpreters without blocking the main thread. But also note that you cannot bypass the python famous GIL (Global Interpreter Lock), so that only one python thread can be executing at the same time. Under Tutorials/Webinar II look at PyVizSVG.dproj on how to generate svg files in python scripts and how to display them in Delphi, The only way to really use multiple cores to generate the graphs is to use external processes. (there is the mutliprocessing unit in python, but it would be easier just to start multiple python processes from Delphi).