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  1. Hey my challenge peeps!! We have finally arrived at the end of the challenge!! It's been a fun ride, to say the least. The final results have been posted, with the usual minor ooopss, of course. Like stated before, I'll be accepting entries until I'm no longer in this plane of existence. A new results table for those entries will be made, and it will include all of the entries, old and new. Eventually, I'll also publish a results table for 400 Stations and 8 threads. Just need a bit of breathing space to get that done. But it will come. Let's hope this repository, and the effort of the participants, can stand as an example of the power that still resides in Object Pascal. Let's hope we can all shut up the nay sayers by merely pointing at it. All the best for you all in your future Object Pascal endeavours!! Cheers, Gus
  2. Hey my challenge peeps!! The end has past. Things are ready for the last automation run. I'll post the results first thing after I've had a sleep. During that sleep, the automation will run. Cheers, Gus
  3. Hey my challenge peeps!! Looks like we have the results of the comparison back and Object Pascal is quicker than Java. Reference: https://github.com/gcarreno/1brc-ObjectPascal/discussions/103#discussioncomment-9359820 Cheers, Gus
  4. Hey my challenge peeps!! We are quickly approaching the deadline for our little challenge. While the end date is next Friday, I will post the last results after I run the automation on Sat. of Sun. You can still drop PRs after Friday, but they will only be merged after the automation is done on Sat. or Sun. My intention with this repository is to keep accepting entries for the duration of my life time. This is the perfect round up of Object Pascal code to demonstrate that it's not dead and can compete with any of the top languages on SO or TIOBE. I'm also thinking about adding the 8 thread/400 Stations table for comparison with the Java side of things. But I guess that Paweld has made a better attempt here. More news on this table later. Cheers, Gus
  5. Hey David, Awesome sauce !! Thanks !! Cheers, Gus
  6. Hey my challenge peeps!! Georges suggested that we may give a helping hand to the entries that haven't yet done the change from CRLF to LF only. If any of you want to have a stab at it, it would be greatly appreciated!! And, does anyone know how to contact Lurendrejer Aksen? His entry has been kinda abandoned and I would like to see it working properly, if possible. Many thanks to my wonderful participants in advance!! Cheers, Gus
  7. Hey my challenge peeps!! We are moving from the input file having CRLF to having only LF as the line terminator. Next run, the 27th of April, will be mixed to leave enough time for everyone to make the necessary changes. The next run after that, the 4th of May, will not be mixed and will expect every entry to have made changes if necessary. The SHA256 for said input file has already been updated on the README.md file. Cheers, Gus
  8. Hey my challenge peeps!! I've been thinking about adding an alternative results table in order to compare to the original Java specs of only 400 stations and 8 threads. This means that some of the assumptions for the current state of things would probably be crippling in that case. What do you guys think of adding a -4 or --400-stations command line switch to your entries? Cheers, Gus
  9. Hey my challenge peeps!! I've put up the GitHub repository for all the Object Pascal logo proposals: https://github.com/gcarreno/UnofficialObjectPascalLogos Any changes and new proposals will now be accepted via a PR. Cheers, Gus
  10. Hey my challenge peeps!! I was given owner access to https://github.com/1brc after asking to be included on the https://1brc.dev site. Yeah, I know, owner... Still don't understand why, but it's where we're at, LOL!! 😄 Now I'm in a bit of a pickle: I don't have an icon that will represent Object Pascal. There's many for Delphi, and many for Lazarus, but none for Object Pascal in general. Can anyone help me on this? Cheers, Gus
  11. Hey my challenge peeps!! We have new entries. We have have a new leader. Weekly Results have been updated. Cheers, Gus
  12. My dear challenge peeps!! Now that the Blaise Pascal Magazine new edition is out, I can finally talk about this: Ian Barker has written an article that mentions our little challenge. I would provide a link to this new edition if I could. Their site is a bit sub-par, to put it quite politely. Cheers, Gus
  13. Hey my challenge peeps!! The weekly Saturday results are up. Get'em while they're hot 😉 Cheers, Gus
  14. Hey my challenge peeps!! I've been busy: The automation is now done for both Linux and Windows We are back to the previous output hash: 4256d19d3e134d79cc6f160d428a1d859ce961167bd01ca528daca8705163910 I've altered all the entries that were using an internal version of the rounding functions to use the one from the baseline Today is Saturday, and now that I have the automation completed, I'll run the full shebang and will update the results table once they are done. Cheers, Gus
  15. Hey Rollo62. Thank you sooooo very much for extending my list!!! Cheers, Gus