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  1. dmitrybv

    Breakpoints in Debug + Android 64-bit mode.

    Development mode and enable USB debugging is Active on my Device. I can run App from RAD Studio to my phone.
  2. dmitrybv

    Breakpoints in Debug + Android 64-bit mode.

    I have no problems with VCL programs. Breakpoints in all my Win32, Win64 programs work correctly. And the debugger stops at them. But I can’t create even the simplest Android application (64-bit or 32-bit) in which I could set a breakpoint in the application sources. Although the application is compiled in Build Configuration (Debug). As far as I know, Delphi does not have PAServer for Android. Debugging capabilities are already built into the Android operating system.
  3. Hello Should the debugger stop at breakpoints in the program sources in Debug + Android 64-bit mode? Build Configuration (Debug) Target Platforms (Android 64-bit) It doesn’t stop for me and highlights the breakpoint as inaccessible.
  4. Thanks Dave. That helped. Most likely adding/removing Features uses online downloads, and the offline installation file RADStudio_12_1_61_7529.iso does not contain all files for AndroidSDK-2525.
  5. I have Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Version 29.0.51961.7529 It seems that the AndroidSDK-2525-23.0.51961.7529 folder does not contain all the necessary files. Folder size C:\RADStudio\23.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidSDK-2525-23.0.51961.7529\ - 285 MB No subfolders C:\RADStudio\23.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidSDK-2525-23.0.51961.7529\platform-tools AND C:\RADStudio\23.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidSDK-2525-23.0.51961.7529\platforms But how could this happen? When installing RAD Studio, I checked all the Target Platform boxes - Android, Android SDK and Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK. Installation files: radstudio_12_esd_117529a.exe │ 169 M radstudio_12_esd_117529a.gof │7239 M Bytes: 7 767 801 701, files: 2, folders: 0 Can this be fixed somehow?
  6. Hello. Tell me why RAD Studio may not see the connected Android device? I have Xiaomi Mi Max 3. The latest USB driver for the device has been updated. Debugging is enabled on your phone. Windows explorer sees the device. Device Manager sees the device. In RAD Studio, the device is not visible in the Target section. When you click Target-Refresh, a message appears Would you like to update the platform SDK now? Yes No When you click Yes or No, nothing happens.
  7. This feature must be used in a separate component. A component must not assign events to other external Components (Controls) or Forms.
  8. Dave, thanks for the advice. But this doesn't work when: - One of the boundaries of the Child control is on the boundary of the Parent control. In this case, if the mouse cursor leaves the Child control at this boundary, it does not trigger the MouseLeave event for the Parent control. - If the mouse cursor moves fast enough, then the MouseLeave event does not have time to arrive in the Parent control, the event goes to some other external control.
  9. How can you track that the mouse is over within the boundaries of the control, regardless of the Child controls? If the mouse inside the Parent control moves to the Child control, then the OnMouseLeave event is triggered for the Parent control, although we are still within the boundaries of the Parent control. For example, I created a project in which I try to highlight the Parent control in red while we are within the boundaries of the Parent control. But as soon as the mouse moves to any Child control, the Parent control loses the mouse and the shading disappears. unit Unit1; interface uses System.SysUtils, System.Types, System.UITypes, System.Classes, System.Variants, FMX.Types, FMX.Controls, FMX.Forms, FMX.Graphics, FMX.Dialogs, FMX.Objects, FMX.Controls.Presentation, FMX.StdCtrls; type TForm1 = class(TForm) ParentPanel: TRectangle; Button1: TButton; Label1: TLabel; Label2: TLabel; Rectangle2: TRectangle; Label3: TLabel; procedure ParentPanelMouseEnter(Sender: TObject); procedure ParentPanelMouseLeave(Sender: TObject); private { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } end; var Form1: TForm1; implementation {$R *.fmx} procedure TForm1.ParentPanelMouseEnter(Sender: TObject); begin ParentPanel.Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.Red; end; procedure TForm1.ParentPanelMouseLeave(Sender: TObject); begin ParentPanel.Fill.Color := $FFE0E0E0; end; end. FmxDemo.zip
  10. dmitrybv

    F2047 Circular unit reference.

    If we compare this feature with other programming languages, then, for example, in C# you can separate the implementation of classes in several files and you can declare references to any public classes and any internal classes in the assembly, regardless of in which files the class is declared. Perhaps in Delphi we need to introduce such a concept as an assembly or library, within which classes can refer to each other in the interface part. In general, when developing classes, you want to operate only with such concepts as a library and a class, but you don’t want to think about which file it should be described in so that it can be used in other classes of the library.
  11. dmitrybv

    F2047 Circular unit reference.

    If in unit1 I move a reference to unit2 to the implementation section, then I cannot use classes from unit2 in the interface section of unit1.
  12. Hello If a project has many classes that are defined in different files, and the classes refer to each other, then at a certain stage a compilation error begins to occur: [dcc32 Fatal Error] EhLib.FMX…….pas(19): F2047 Circular unit reference to 'EhLib.FMX……..' To fix this error, you have to shove all the classes into one file and as a result, the project ends up with one huge file that is not convenient to work with. Who is coping with this problem and how?
  13. dmitrybv

    Global bookmarks

    It looks like Parnassus - Bookmarks has function to bypass all bookmarks in all files, but there is no shortcut assigned to this function by default.
  14. dmitrybv

    Global bookmarks

    Is there a plugin for RAD Studio that would allow you to create and search for global bookmarks in all project files like in MS Visual Studio?
  15. dmitrybv

    Free profiler?

    Does anyone have contact information for the developer of the Sampling Profiler? I did not find contact information on the program website.