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  1. silvercoder79

    Watch me coding in Delphi on YouTube

    New video from The Silver Code exploring the functionalities of classes, sysutils, and dateutils units, providing a strong foundation for building robust Delphi applications. Over the coming weeks I'll look at these units in more details... What units are most important for you? Would love to hear from you!
  2. silvercoder79

    Watch me coding in Delphi on YouTube

    On AI... I have seen some strange answers come out! And similar code then used in articles on the web and do read this literally... if (condition) then do something do something else rest of code here Where is the begin/end pair?!?
  3. silvercoder79

    Watch me coding in Delphi on YouTube

    The funny part is that I have different colored slippers. Blue for left foot and brown for right, and only because I cannot locate the other brown slipper. And next week, I will be back with some Delphi coding videos. Been playing with Lazarus recently. But if that sort of things peaks your curiosity, you know where to find me? I hope. https://www.youtube.com/@silvercoder70
  4. silvercoder79

    Watch me coding in Delphi on YouTube

    Not a real programmer... not wearing his delphi programming socks! (It was a short from tscoding on YouTube.)
  5. silvercoder79

    Watch me coding in Delphi on YouTube

    One day, I might invest in a proper mic, and until then... the headset will do, (feels a bit like "ground control to major tom")
  6. I guess there are people with differing levels of ability. And while I don't intend to post links to all videos, today's video is a real-world example of adding code to a word search game and squashing those pesky bugs along the way! Hopefully, it will inspire you to tackle your own coding challenges and share your creations in the comments! https://youtu.be/K1iJIYtBPaw
  7. @Stefan Glienke - Thanks. In this area (and for better of worse) I am very old school. You can thank my Uni lecturers for this. Otherwise, good to know.
  8. Just as important as writing code is the ability to debug code. I have put up a new video on YouTube about debugging in Delphi (an overview of) and link to the video is here... Cheers, The Silver Coder
  9. silvercoder79

    My YouTube Channel - The Silver Coder

    @Patrick PREMARTIN - Thanks, I will check into that and make those changes you have suggested! Hello Everyone! This is the second iteration of the shopping list application, - an educational series in programming with Delphi. The following features were added - (i) ability to sort items items in the shopping list, (ii) styling of the application for a better presentation, and (iii) storage of information entered into the program. Again... next week features will be added and make this little app more useable. Hope you stay for the journey :)
  10. silvercoder79

    My YouTube Channel - The Silver Coder

    Been away for a few days with limited access... Thank you for your kind words. I have a new video tomorrow and the code has explanatory notes this time. I am playing around a little with content to make it useful for everyone. Feedback most welcome. Edit: added last paragraph
  11. silvercoder79

    C++ Builder 11.3 / RenameFile() not working?

    SearchRec.Name would only be the filename part and does not include the path. Unless something has changed. If so, make sure that you add path before the file name.
  12. Just to add to the previous reply... I would move into a record like described here - https://caryjensen.blogspot.com/2012/01/for-record.html?m=1 And depending on how you want to "use" it, you could definition it in main application class or form and pass around as necessary. Or just declare instance somewhere for use. Just my 2c worth
  13. silvercoder79

    My YouTube Channel - The Silver Coder

    On the channel have now started building a shopping list application (0.1). Over the next weeks features will be added and make into some more useable. Hope you stay for the journey. And you can now look at or get what source code there is from - https://github.com/silvercoder70/delphi-shopping-list Cheers, Tim
  14. Hi Everyone, My name is Tim and have been using Pascal forever (among other languages) since the 90s. For a variety of reasons I've transitioned (/transitioning) into tutoring and mentoring, and have launched a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Delphi. My first video, "Starting an Adventure with Delphi," is here - In the future, I'm planning to cover a range of topics, including: - Building modern Delphi applications for FireMonkey - Essential data structures for Delphi developers - Tips for debugging those tricky Delphi problems I'm really passionate about keeping Delphi alive and well. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned developer looking to brush up your skills, I hope you'll find something valuable on my channel. Let me know what you think - especially if you have any topic suggestions!