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  1. Would 1.1.1d work fine with 8.62 ?
  2. Kyle_Katarn31

    Broken proxy support with ICS 8.61

    Thanks, I'll give this a look and will come back with result and / or questions 🙂
  3. Kyle_Katarn31

    Broken proxy support with ICS 8.61

    Good to read ! Where are the release note explaning the new way to use it ? I'll test with 62 and I'll come back. How can I record protocol logs ?
  4. Quantitatively, not that much, but qualitatively... Enough getting in touch with our tech support to keep XP until 2020. Then, I'll advise 🙂
  5. This will progressively be the consequence, but for the time being we still have many users running XP
  6. Kyle_Katarn31

    Broken proxy support with ICS 8.61

    HTTP Client. Do you need more details ? (Code extract). Any change expected from a source code perspective when moving from 59 to 61 ?
  7. Could your problem be linked to this one ?
  8. Ok, so I'll disable SSL when used on XP. Thanks.
  9. Hello I've updated my app from ICS 8.59 to 8.61and the communication is no longer working when using a proxy (problem reported by one user). Proxy is reporting error in credentials or network. Switching back to the old version built on 8.59 works fine again. No other change in code. Is it a known problem with 8.61 ? Could 8.62 work better ? Any additional technical info needed for troubleshooting ? Thanks for your help !