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  1. John Kouraklis


    Whereas you feel safe with American companies which hand over everything on you to NSA and FBI as they do not risk to end up in jail. Come on, OrangeUI is probably an individual who sells his product. I am sure all of us have bought components from such individuals in the past. And, really, would you feel more comfortable if the site was in English and the download link was a direct file? or if the domain was orangeui.com?
  2. John Kouraklis


    @pieomy Do they work on mac as well? In the download page macOS is removed. Do you use it for desktop apps?
  3. John Kouraklis


    It is unfair to judge the website based on our western standards... It is a matter of the markets they grow in. You can, also, see the difference in their demos which feel like a huge spam and p*rn campaign. But this format is so common in China and Japan. The components are amazing though...lot's of features and they work very smoothly in Android. Haven't tried in iOS Any comments about the components?
  4. John Kouraklis


    Hi, does anyone have any experience with OrangeUI from here www.orangeui.cn? Seems a massive UI library. I wonder if is stable and can be trusted more/the same as Firemonkey?
  5. John Kouraklis

    How to replace whole words in a string

    Thanks for the RegEx suggestions
  6. John Kouraklis

    How to replace whole words in a string

    Yes, but I don't want to write a function from scratch
  7. John Kouraklis

    How to replace whole words in a string

    @FredS What I need is to return 'yes, abc.def'
  8. John Kouraklis

    How to replace whole words in a string

    @Silver Black That's what I use now and sadly does not replace whole words. Eg. in this string 'abc and abc.def' if you want to replace 'abc' whole word only the above and the one from stringhelper will replace both instances of 'abc'
  9. John Kouraklis

    How to replace whole words in a string

    Hi, I am using TStringHelper.Replace to replace substrings in strings but it seems that it does not respect whole words. Anyone knows how to do this with Replace?
  10. John Kouraklis

    10.3.1 has been released

    Ok, upgrade completed and things seem to be in place except the Connection Managers. I can see the files in Documents. Anyone knows how to make the (new) IDE recognise them? Does it use the registry? Edit: It doesn't seem to recognise GetIt installed packages.....sadly
  11. John Kouraklis

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    I am also installing 10.3.1 right now...let's see
  12. @Clément Thanks a lot for this👌
  13. @Mahdi Safsafi Thanks! the hack helps me a lot. About the debate regarding Create/Free, it looks to me it is good practice. Similar to this, I've seen people always but always setting interfaces to nil as a matter of coding style
  14. @Mahdi Safsafi Very cool. Thanks for this A couple of questions: 1. Do you need to create/Free TRTTIContext? All the books/articles I've seen they just use the record 2. The TypeInfo variable in DoSomething conflicts with TypeInfo from RTTI. It should use a different name, right? 3. How do I get the value of the fields now? I tried this: for lFields in LType.GetFields do Writeln(' '+lFields.Name + ': '+lFields.GetValue(TypeInfo(Rec)).AsString); but the instance in GetValue is not correct. Thanks again
  15. I would be great if this were possible...