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  1. John Kouraklis

    Cant' deploy Android app after renaming the project

    @Dalija Prasnikar Yeah, I noticed that too. Only when I installed the SDK from GetIt it shows 25.2.5
  2. John Kouraklis

    Android in VMWare

    @Dave Nottage DeviceLens logs messages from the OS but nothing from the Application. Am I doing something wrong? I've enabled the native bridge BTW, the Processes list is not populated
  3. John Kouraklis

    Android in VMWare

    @Schokohase @Jacek Laskowski This https://techsviewer.com/install-android-in-virtual-machine-vmware-and-virtualbox/#tab-con-11 is the only guide that worked for me. I am sure other versions can be installed The only issue is that there are not VMWare tools for Android and the screen does not occupy the whole window. The mouse move also is not very smooth but overall you can work.
  4. John Kouraklis

    Android in VMWare

    I am reading the website now. How do I add it to an FMX app? I can edit the manifest file but how do I launch the popup?
  5. John Kouraklis

    Android in VMWare

    Today I installed Android Nougat in VMWare and then connected the IDE to the VM via adb and it shows as a device in the "Target" branch. When I run/debug an empty FMX project the IDE deploys everything correctly and then it launches the app. Here is where the problems appears. The app loads, I can see the splash screen and then it crashes. I have tried with different SDKs but the problem is there. Anyone any ideas where to look at for the problem? I am keen on making it working. The whole process is way much faster than with a physical device.
  6. John Kouraklis

    Cant' deploy Android app after renaming the project

    The wizard that adds a SDK must look up some values because it generates a version for the SDK
  7. John Kouraklis

    Cant' deploy Android app after renaming the project

    That's what I have pointing to android-23 But the compiler adds the resizableActivity, which means it detects a version higher than 23. All the other folders expect the SDK API point to the latest tools (eg. adb, aapt, etc.)
  8. John Kouraklis

    Cant' deploy Android app after renaming the project

    How does the IDE find the SDK version? I've got the Android SDK from google directly and there are folders for different SDK versions (23, 24, ...) depending on the installation. When I create a new SDK manager and point to say version 23, the IDE reads the version as
  9. John Kouraklis

    Cant' deploy Android app after renaming the project

    @Dalija Prasnikar Actually it is API 23... Thx
  10. Hi, I create a new FMX app, select Android as the target platform and the device, I hit Run (and/or with Debug) and all works fine. The app is deployed correctly to the device and launched. Then, I save the form and again all works fine. Then, I save the project and then the IDE can not build/deploy it. I get the following message: [PAClient Error] Error: E2312 C:\****\AndroidManifest.xml:20: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'resizeableActivity' in package 'android' Even if I rename the project back to Project1, it does not work. After inspecting the manifest files, the IDE adds this line android:resizeableActivity="false" which is not added when I run a new project. Now, it appears that the AndroidManifest.template includes the same line but it doesn't cause problems until I save a project. If I delete the line from the template, all works fine. Anyone knows why that line generates an error? Thx
  11. John Kouraklis

    Beginner - How is Delphi for mobile development?

    I never felt comfortable with the C-family languages (curly brackets, declaration of type before the var name, etc.). I find Delphi very natural when it comes to coding. To me, the flow of the language makes sense. But this is personal view. I personally write code in FireMonkey (FMX) only; the cross-platform framework in Delphi and I have abandoned VCL (the Win-only framework) long time ago. It is not as mature and stable as VCL but my opinion is that it does the job. There is a wide range of FMX components available. Of course, there are glitches, flaws and bugs but this is the case in every library out there. You will find lots of controversy in discussions about the maturity of FMX. I would suggect you go through them and make your own decisions. In terms of jobs, Delphi is not a mainstream language. Depending on where you live you may really find no jobs available. But you say that you are hobbyist so perhaps it makes more sense to learn something that pleases you rather than pays the rent; but, this is your decision to make. In general, go through some discussions on this web site; you will find many knowledgeable and experienced people who share their views on the status and future of the language. This will allow you to draw your own conclusions. You can, also, download Delphi Community Edition which is free and try it out to see how it works for you. And if you decide to give Delphi a try, we all will welcome you to the community
  12. John Kouraklis

    Component installs

    I have a separate folder called Libs where I install all 3rd party components. And all of them are under version control. I, also, use one of the uninstaller software which generates a report of all the changes the installers do to the system
  13. John Kouraklis

    Advisor/Product Manager

    Hi @Dany Marmur can I email you in private?
  14. John Kouraklis

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    @David Schwartz Nothing to do with religious wars. Noone said that Apple doesn't make good product. ...until it does...and then you see what happens to the TCO when you visit Apple Store or spend hours in some forums trying to figure out which terminal command you should execute cause one 10 people in the world know about it You have, also, found a unique approach to all this. Interesting but unique---you are talking about second hand machines. I don't think the argument that Apple's machines are more resistant to price drops is valid any more. In '90s and '00s perhaps but now, as Apple, becomes more popular the prices of used machines drop faster. Just search ebay and, also, keep in mind that what you see is now what your machine will get. But I agree that the update policies on Windows are just annoying... You may see this as a Warrent Baffet investment and a smart move, but there's a small catch here. It is a better investment as long as you are able and happy to afford the initial high investment on something that depreciates rapidly like a laptop. So, investment-wise, the TCO is not only about monies but, also, about good use of funds and the opportunity cost; that is what do you miss and do not do because you had to reserve funds to buy a laptop that represents a highly depreciable asset
  15. John Kouraklis

    Advisor/Product Manager

    @Dany Marmur Yes, I've got some people with experience in education and I've been working in higher education institutions for some time so there's much knowledge and experience in this. Of course, I am always open to people who combine soft dev skills with good knowledge of the education domain. Have you got experience on this?