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  1. ahmed.atayib

    Any GraphQL implementation out there?

  2. ahmed.atayib

    how to cosume grpc in delphi vcl client?

    Delphi not support grpc framework https://grpc.io/, so is there any way for vcl client to consume a services from other java grpc server? thanks in advance, Ahmed
  3. Hello, i installed the latest delphi community edition (delphi 10.4) , i can not installed Konopka VCL Controls because it is not appear in GetIt. any Help
  4. ahmed.atayib

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    the same thing happen with me .. AV before the main GUI appeared.
  5. ahmed.atayib

    is FGX native still around?

    Is "FGX native. cross platform for mobile development on delphi" still live?
  6. ahmed.atayib

    HTML Library & Fast Report