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  1. Like Remobjects ? https://blogs.remobjects.com/2018/03/22/delphi-visual-library-on-webassembly-platform/
  2. WillH


    Could you use odometer ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odometer
  3. Joseph, I think you're absolutely right about this. The language used in the replies from support have subtly but significantly changed their tune. From To I assume that the new version means that customers without an active subscription will have to endure a sales pitch before getting their registration bump. (Although Atanas still won't explicitly say that) I have no idea why they can't just admit the error, put in place the self service for bumps, and get on with trying to fix bugs and provide new features which actually work. Who knows, people may actually willingly stump up some cash for renewals rather than have to be held to ransom.
  4. Interesting seeing as Atanas has stated that everyone has received an automatic bump. Seems that may not be accurate after all. I too wish that DevExpress would support either Lazarus and/or Remobjects Island. It would make a switch from Delphi to one of those a lot easier. Currently looking at using RemObjects Oxygene, Hydra and Island as a route off of Delphi. The idea being that we can re-do the UI in DevExpress for .Net or Web technologies.
  5. Hi OzTrev When did you receive that? There was a reply on the Embarcadero blog site that indicated that this may have been overturned. However the language used was very tricky and may not mean that at all. If you got that more than a week or so ago, Please try them again and let us know how it goes. Blog post here : https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/from-the-gm-new-updates-and-changes-to-the-registration-bumps-policy
  6. Mike, I completely agree with you. I also have a subscription but the risk that this kind of behaviour adds to my business is not something I'm prepared to just accept. Given the very poor response by Atanas in his blog post, I'll be looking elsewhere. I wonder how many others will do the same. https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/from-the-gm-new-updates-and-changes-to-the-registration-bumps-policy It's a shame really because it could so easily have been resolved. Ignoring the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  7. That is true, you can see the remaining activations on the IBExpert site which already makes it much better than Embas offering. However, the unregister process is a manual one involving email. So I have in the past had to wait a day or two over a public holiday for that to come through. I've also been in a situation where machines have taken multiple registrations. Getting that sorted out took a couple of attempts (mainly around convincing the support staff there was a problem.). I didn't know about the fixed fee to get the activation going again, good to know. IBExpert is now being sold as subscription only software so at least we know where we stand with it. Delphi has always had a terrible solution where it comes to activation. Their web site is a mess and as you say does not give any information as to how many activations you have left. It's like Russian roulette every time you need to re-install for whatever reason.
  8. IBExpert is another company with a registration procedure that is excessively restrictive to use. It is also inaccurate and takes some time to get the problems sorted out. That said IBExpert is a superb product that I use every day. So I'll put up with their registration procedure. I always wish they would change it though. Another excellent product I use a lot is Beyond compare by Scooter Software. They have product quality and their licensing/registration sorted. Just shows that it can be done.
  9. As an aside to this. What happens if Emba goes bust? are we all just locked out of the software? I have an active subscription but I'm of the opinion that this change makes using Delphi a very risky choice as Emba seem prepared to cut us off from using the software we own. Why can't we just move an activation from one machine to another without needing to go through the process of phoning in to ask permission?
  10. That is outrageous. Especially for older versions which were sold as a perpetual license. Now it seems that customers cannot legitimately continue to use software they own and have paid for. Is Delphi ransomware now?
  11. That's great. I'll have a look at it.
  12. Looks really good. Could this be installed on a server without Delphi present? Occasionally we have a leak which we can't find when debugging but only occurs rarely in live deployments.
  13. WillH

    Any plans to support OpenSSL 1.1.x (Or straight to 3.0)?

    This was discussed recently, seems there hasn't been any movement on it. I'm also interested in this topic as some of our customers are starting to ask about TLS 1.3.