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  1. How I can setup/activate this feature?
  2. egroups

    Text file to FastReport

    Is any very simplest way,how to print simple ASCII text file throw FastReports by the code?
  3. Own framework?Do you trying Spring4d ORM?
  4. Thanks for your answer.I tried ICS and now working for me.
  5. Hi, I need get Expiration Date from certificate. I tryed this code with libeay32: function TSOpenSSL.CertificatePKCS12Expirate(const pFileName, pPassword: string): TDateTime; var buffer: Array [0..1023] of char; ca: pSTACK_OFX509; certfile: pBIO; lTime: pASN1_TIME; p12: pPKCS12; pCertificate: pX509; pkey: pEVP_PKEY; begin certfile:=BIO_new(BIO_s_file()); if (certfile = nil) then raise Exception.Create('Error creating BIO.'); BIO_read_filename(certfile, PAnsiChar(UTF8Encode(pFileName))); p12:=d2i_PKCS12_bio(certfile, nil); PKCS12_parse(p12, PAnsiChar(pPassword), pkey, pCertificate, ca); //here is allways pCertificate=nil PKCS12_free(p12); p12:=nil; BIO_free(certfile); if (pCertificate = nil) then raise Exception.Create('Unable to read certificate from file ' + pFileName + '.'); lTime:=pCertificate.cert_info.validity.notAfter; end; I wrote in comment where pCertificate is allways nil and I cannot of course read any data from this. Why? Password I have correct.I tryed this on some certificate files.
  6. egroups

    LiveBinding at runtime

    I tryed Bind(srcViewModel.Container,'DataSource',dstDBGrid,'DataSource'),no error,but DataSource not binded,DBGrid.DataSource not Assigned. In srcViewModel I call TBindings.Notify(self,'Container'); //nothing TBindings.Notify(self,'Container.DataSource'); //nothing
  7. Hello, I tryed generate LiveBindings by Code. I am used from example this code procedure Bind(const Source: TObject; const SourcePropertyName: string; const Target: TObject; const TargetPropertyName: string); var lSrcProperty,lDstProperty:string; lAssocInput,lAssocOutput:IScope; lManaged:TBindingExpression; begin lAssocInput:=TBindings.CreateAssociationScope([Associate(Source,'Src')]); lAssocOutput:=TBindings.CreateAssociationScope([Associate(Target, 'Dst')]); lSrcProperty:='Src.'+ SourcePropertyName; lDstProperty:='Dst.'+ TargetPropertyName; lManaged:=TBindings.CreateManagedBinding( [lAssocInput],lSrcProperty, [lAssocOutput],lDstProperty, nil, nil,[coNotifyOutput]); BindingExpressions.Add(lManaged); end; This is OK if I used for example: Bind(srcViewModel,'String',dstEdit,'Text') Bind(srcViewModel,'Number',dstEdit,'Text') Bind(srcViewModel,'Boolean',dstCheckBox,'Checked') But I have srcViewModel.Container.DataSource and on form DBGrid (I NEED DBGrid). When I Use Bind(srcViewModel,'Container.DataSource',dstDBGrid,'DataSource') is OK,but when I use TBindings.Notify application says DBGrid don't have property DataSource. Why? What problem when I binding DataSource to DataSource?
  8. Do you have any framework for dynamically create forms?