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  1. egroups

    JSON feed, replacement form RSS/Atom

    RSS is super and Feedly is friend.
  2. Thanks Stefan,I try LeakCheck and Registry.FindAll
  3. Hi there, I convert legacy application to using Spring4D container for dependency injection. For memory leaks using FastMM4. Occasionally appear memory leak in different places and I solve them gradually. The problem is with the use of dependency injections, FatsMM generates very large log file (aka 2GB) and very long time.Some registered class in container not call Destroy (memory leaks in dependency graph). Is there any way to more easily and quickly detect places where there is a memory leak? Any extension for container or different method?
  4. egroups

    Upgrade from Spring4d 1.2 to Spring4d 2.0

    Super,many thanks.
  5. egroups

    Upgrade from Spring4d 1.2 to Spring4d 2.0

    I switched from Delphi 10.2 to Delphi 11 and for now I'm using Spring4d 1.2. When GetIt is functional, I'll install Delphi 11 at home and then I'll test with Spring4d 2.0.
  6. egroups

    Upgrade from Spring4d 1.2 to Spring4d 2.0

  7. Spring4d 2.0 is out,but not compatible with 1.2. Of course its open source,but is any simply changelog between 1.2 and 2.0,what's new etc? And is any manual for easy convert Project with spring4d 1.2 for using with spring4d 2.0?
  8. egroups

    Spring4D + DSharp = RAD Alexandria

    if LMethod.IsClassMethod and LMethod.IsStatic then begin {$IF CompilerVersion >= 35} if not Assigned(FGetter) and (LMethod.MethodKind = mkClassFunction) and LMethod.HasName('Get' + FDependencyProperty.Name) then {$ELSE} if not Assigned(FGetter) and (LMethod.MethodKind = mkClassFunction) and SameText(LMethod.Name, 'Get' + Name) then {$IFEND} This work for me.
  9. Is anyway how can get list all classes in project,inherited from specific class and have specific property? By refactoring I can clear properties in descendant,which is defined in parent class.
  10. After many test,create private logging in Spring units I detect the cause.I use Resolving in DataModule who initialized in initialization section,before Container Build.
  11. I have many registrations in spring4d container. In DEBUG mode start application OK but in RELEASE before show first SplashScreen I get error: Cannot resolve type: xxxxType Hi can I quickly identify where is problem? Cannot use brakpoints,container logging etc. My xxxxType is very much used accros application and inject in many places.
  12. How I can setup/activate this feature?
  13. egroups

    Text file to FastReport

    Is any very simplest way,how to print simple ASCII text file throw FastReports by the code?
  14. Own framework?Do you trying Spring4d ORM?