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  1. Thanks a lot. Will surely look into this.
  2. Thanks a lot. Will surely look into this.
  3. Thanks a lot for your contributions, it is very much appreciated. I also noticed there is support for ECDH, something I need but forgot to indicate earlier on. I will also wait for contributions from others as regards the missing components that are unfortunately not available in Mormot. Thanks once again.
  4. Hi all. I am new here so please forgive me if I don't ask my question properly. So I am starting a new project that requires some Cryptographic algorithms for certain purposes which are Elliptical curves algorithms inclusive of secp256k1, Ed25519 (should have the ability to generate keypairs too). Asymmetric ciphers like AES, ChaCha20 Hashes like Sha256, Sha512, Sha3 and Blake2B. The requirements for the Cryptographic library is cross platform, affordable (if possible free), should provide reasonable performance. So I have come across TMS Cryptography Pack and decided to ask about people's experiences with it, performance wise, support wise and so on. If anyone has alternatives that meet the requirements above, it would be nice to hear your suggestions. Thanks and awaiting your responses.