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  1. You need 10.4.1 + Patch https://blogs.embarcadero.com/apple-platforms-patch-for-rad-studio-10-4-1/ or the newest 10.4.2
  2. To reproduce this: - create simple FMX app with target macOS - place a TNotificationCenter to the main TForm - run on Catalina -> run fine. - run on High Sierra -> Exception on startup The TNotificationCenter online help says to platform support: OSX 10.8+
  3. Running a Delphi 10.4.1 (latest patch) FMX 64bit application on: Catalina : runs fine. High Sierra: on startup an EObjectiveC raises "ObjectiveC-class UNUserNotificationCenter not found" Does anyone have any idea where to look? Here the call stack: :000000010001C000 @DbgExcNotify :000000010001C03E System::NotifyReRaise(System::TObject*, void*) :000000010001C0DA System::_RaiseAtExcept(System::TObject*, void*) :000000010001C1F5 System::_RaiseExcept(System::TObject*) :00000001007117F5 Macapi::Objectivec::TOCGenericImport__2<System::DelphiInterface<Macapi::Usernotifications::UNUserNotificationCenterClass>, System::DelphiInterface<Macapi::Usernotifications::UNUserNotificationCenter> >::GetOCClass() :0000000100713D88 System::Mac::Notification::UserNotificationCenter() :0000000100712472 System::Mac::Notification::TNotificationCenterCocoa::TNotificationCenterCocoa() :0000000100715087 System::Mac::Notification::TNotificationCenterCocoa::GetNotificationCenter() :0000000100711B6E System::Mac::Notification::TPlatformNotificationCenter::GetInstance() :00000001007173F8 System::Notification::TBaseNotificationCenter::InternalGetInstance() :0000000100716AEC System::Notification::TCustomNotificationCenter::TCustomNotificationCenter(System::Classes::TComponent*) :0000000100111B7B System::Classes::TReader::ReadComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*)::CreateComponent(void*) :00000001000DE01D System::Classes::TReader::ReadComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*) :0000000100112008 System::Classes::TReader::ReadDataInner(System::Classes::TComponent*) :0000000100111EEF System::Classes::TReader::ReadData(System::Classes::TComponent*) :00000001000E8ACF System::Classes::TComponent::ReadState(System::Classes::TReader*) :00000001000DEC07 System::Classes::TReader::ReadRootComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*) :00000001000D8F8F System::Classes::TStream::ReadComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*) :0000000100104900 System::Classes::InternalReadComponentRes(System::UnicodeString, NativeUInt, System::Classes::TComponent*&) :000000010010C237 System::Classes::InitInheritedComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*, System::TMetaClass*)::InitComponent(void*, System::TMetaClass*) :000000010010C2DD System::Classes::InitInheritedComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*, System::TMetaClass*) :000000010058E52D Fmx::Forms::TCommonCustomForm::TCommonCustomForm(System::Classes::TComponent*) :00000001005963E7 Fmx::Forms::TCustomForm::TCustomForm(System::Classes::TComponent*) :00000001005898B8 Fmx::Forms::TApplication::CreateForm(System::Classes::TComponentClass, void*) :0000000100589799 Fmx::Forms::TApplication::RealCreateForms() :0000000100522D3E Fmx::Platform::Mac::TPlatformCocoa::Run() :000000010058A195 Fmx::Forms::TApplication::Run() main(1,0x00007ffeefbffa38,0x00007ffeefbffa48,0x00007ffeefbffaf0) :00007FFF78D07015 start :00007FFF78D07015 start
  4. RonaldK

    DevExpress FMX Grid

    yes, but after all these years, FMX still doesn't seem to be ready for bigger applications.
  5. RonaldK

    DevExpress FMX Grid

    DevExpress stop the FMX development: https://community.devexpress.com/blogs/ctodx/archive/2020/12/02/fmx-grid-future-plans.aspx
  6. RonaldK

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    On the new Roadmap: "Delphi support for the latest iOS Simulator" is now shifted to the Research Areas.
  7. RonaldK

    Login to Quality portal

    Got it with a login with another browser.
  8. RonaldK

    Login to Quality portal

    Maybe there is a bug in the CAPTCHA implementation or this is a "quality check" of the user 😉 Who can help?
  9. RonaldK

    Login to Quality portal

    Is anybody able to login to https://quality.embarcadero.com ? Sorry, your userid is required to answer a CAPTCHA question correctly. I'm not able to answer this CAPTCHA step correct. Always image <> answer.
  10. There is another problem with Form inheritence in 10.4.1: If you have Events assigned in the root Form like: Some of my inherited Forms dont trigger that event at runtime. In that case, the property editor of the inherited Form didn't show that event: but I cant find any information in the DFM file with this event in the inherited form. This does not happen in all Forms. Only with some in a big project. It's hard to track that, because the code and DFM looks ok. Didn't see that in any version before 10.4.1.
  11. Is there any newer Roadmap for Delphi then this: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/august-2019-delphi-android-beta-plans-august-roadmap-update Any news about iOS 13 Simulator - 64 Bit? What are the milestones and timeframe for Delphi 10.5?
  12. Strangeness today. When I copy/past the above code into the Delphi source editor Last line has font display problems:
  13. Don't help. A solution is changing declaration: LXmlDoc : TXmlDocument; to: LXmlDoc : IXmlDocument; Seems that code in 10.4.1 have different Interface RefCounter behaviour.
  14. The following code doesn't work in Delphi 10.4.1 anymore: uses Xml.XMLDoc, xml.XMLIntf; type IXMLTest = interface(IXMLNode) ['{3BC4A779-907D-44D5-80A3-1C2D9F704D86}'] end; TXMLTest = class(TXMLNode, IXMLTest) end; procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var LXmlDoc : TXmlDocument; LIXMLTest : IXMLTest; begin LXmlDoc := TXmlDocument.Create (nil); LXmlDoc.Options := LXmlDoc.Options + [doNodeAutoIndent]; LIXMLTest := LXmlDoc.GetDocBinding('TEST', TXMLTest, 'http://foo') as IXMLTest; // <-- Error in this line 'No active document' end; It run with no problem in previous Delphi versions (up to 10.3) . Does Delphi 10.4.1 losing an interface reference here? Any idea what's wrong.
  15. Ok. Thanks. Doesn't fix the problem.