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  1. David Duffy

    Run Time Sub Menu Gap

    Yes, sorry I didn't realise at the time of posting that it was specific to the TMS version.
  2. David Duffy

    Run Time Sub Menu Gap

    It was and by a very smart guy! 😄
  3. David Duffy

    Tab Order Confusion..

    My guess is that the greyed out ones have TabStop set to false.
  4. David Duffy

    Run Time Sub Menu Gap

    Here's the code: procedure TfmMain.UpdateHelpMenu; var MI: TMenuItem; x: Integer; begin while mnShortcutList.Count > 0 do mnShortcutList.Delete(0); for x := 0 to Prefs.Shortcuts.Count-1 do begin MI := TMenuItem.Create(mnShortcutList); MI.Caption := Prefs.Shortcuts[x].HelpCaption; MI.ShortCut := Prefs.Shortcuts[x].Shortcut; mnShortcutList.Add(MI); end; end;
  5. David Duffy

    Run Time Sub Menu Gap

    Hi all, In my Delphi XE application I have a main menu and some of the menu items have a sub menu. The sub menus that are created at design time are aligned to the parent menu item correctly, but the ones I create in code always have a gap between the menu item and the sub menu. Is there some other property of the sub menu items I need to set apart from owner and parent to get them to display correctly?