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  1. Michael Puff


    Would you please choose a more self-explaining title for your posting? And explain what your project is about? Up to now it is a rather useless contribution.
  2. Michael Puff

    Push notifications

    Well. I think @Daniel is working on this problem. But you won't get push notifications like on social media. This is a messageboard for the browser.
  3. Michael Puff

    Push notifications

    Just keep going and play around with this feature.
  4. Michael Puff

    Windows Ini File Helper Unit

    Moved it to "I made this". Because it is neither a tip, nor blog nor tutorial.
  5. Michael Puff

    Time bomb

    Please use a more meaningful title for your posting. Thank you.
  6. Michael Puff

    Been stupid for years

    Please get back to the topic.
  7. Michael Puff

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    As far as I understood it, if a language has a language server you can load that language in the IDE (if such a feature is supported by the IDE). Like using Visual Studio and it's IDE features but with the Delphi language. Is my assumption correct?
  8. Michael Puff

    Welcome to the English speaking Delphi-PRAXiS

    I cant't confirm this.
  9. Michael Puff

    Display remaining reactions.

    Please slow down a bit. This software is new to us as well. And Daniel is busy to full fill all the member's requests. But there are more important things to fix and there are lesser things to fix.
  10. Michael Puff

    Unpin Pinned Stuff for Recent Topics view?

    Came you ever across this problem in the DPg? I don't think so.
  11. Michael Puff


    Look at Activity Streams.
  12. Michael Puff

    Delphi Version in profile

    Choose your main version. The one you work with most.
  13. Michael Puff


    Click in the dot or the star.
  14. Michael Puff

    Reverse chronological order?

    Just use a customized activity stream.
  15. Michael Puff

    Activity Stream as links below the header

    Not here. Wait. You have to set it as your default stream.