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  1. Fine, thank you for the info.
  2. Yes, thanks for this info. I had to reboot the system (I tryed before to start the app, then it blocks something in the system). After the installation of curl my program works fine again. So is this a bug, that will be fixed or is it a new precondition to use delphi 10.4 with the TNetHttpClient? This problem is not so nice, because without curl installed the program don't start and gives no information (no error-message). Because that all happends allready in the initialization phase of the delphi-unit-system itselfs, one can't handle it....
  3. Togehter with Delphi and FMXLinux 1.46 : When I compile and run a form (also an empty one) with a TNetHttpClient on it, I have an Access-Violation on startup, IntializeUntis --> in System.Net.HttpClient.Linux.pas (Line 148). It is only on Ubuntu 18.04, on Ubuntu 16.04 it is not. With Delphi 10.3.3 it works on Ubuntu 16.x and 18.x. without problems. Has someone made similar experiences / perhaps a workaround? I will leave also a note on the FMX-Linux-page....
  4. Harry Stahl

    TStringGrid Sorting

    FMX has no build in option for sorting grids (like TMS-FMX-Grid). FMX StringGrid should be used for displaying and selecting (smaller portions of) data. If you have more data to display you should consider to use The TGRID. Because this grid does not store the data itself, it displays the data only (in the Event "OnGetValue" you are asked to deliver the relevant data). In this case a new sorting of the whole grid is easier to manage, because you have not to fill the whole grid again with data (or make a new sorting with tricks like above). Only the little part that is displayed will get an update. At least only your data needs to be sorted (e.g. by a field, that represents names, dates or numbers) and you display it in the (T)Grid.