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  1. std_usr

    Forgot IDE add-on

    limelect, Delphi CE.
  2. std_usr

    Quick debug variables?

    So I experimented with all the above stuff you mentioned, but setting a breakpoint and checking the variable is probably the simplest/fastest way. Thanks again )
  3. std_usr

    Quick debug variables?

    PeterBelow, thank you.
  4. std_usr

    Forgot IDE add-on

    limelect, any chance to get it? )
  5. std_usr

    Quick debug variables?

    Hello, I'm trying to switch from Python to Delphi and, for quick debugging, I slightly miss Python's print() function, which enables you to print whatever type variables. For example, the following print(int_var, str_var, dict_var) prints integer, string, dictionary type variables in one go, so I don't have to convert each variable to string and concatenate them. Could you suggest me a method/function/tool/whatever to achieve similar functionality (in VCL application)?
  6. std_usr

    Forgot IDE add-on

    Yes, the same one. Many thanks!
  7. std_usr

    Forgot IDE add-on

    Good day, I remember, there was an "expert" for Delphi which added an in-place icon finder tool for buttons and similar components. Let's say, you drop a TBitBtn on a form, click on it's Glyph property and usually get this dialog: So, the tool replaces this by online icon finder. It also adds some advanced editors for ListBox, Memo, etc. But I can't find it by any means. Can you help? 🙂 I installed CnWizards and GExperts, but it's not there.