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  1. jordi

    ios keychain

    Hello, I need to store permanent data in iOs. I've tried "NSUserDefaults" but data is deleted on app uninstall. Now I want to try keychain. Is there any library for delphi? Thanks Jordi
  2. jordi

    ios webview credentials

    Hello, I 've modified the code with your suggestions and it's working. Also I've added a feature request to Quality Portal. Thank you very much
  3. jordi

    ios webview credentials

    Hello, I want to provide credentials in iOs webbrowser, so the user will not have to enter them manually. Anyone has some code for Delphi? Thanks Jordi
  4. jordi

    Access violation after notarization

    Hello, Log.d has helped me to find the problem. I see that Delphi converts info.plist to binary before signing and notification actions, and i was trying to read this xml in my application. It seems that this conversion to binary is not needed, because Apple accepts my notification if I do it manually, avoiding this conversion. Another question: how notification works? I must do the notification every time I modify the application? Because now I'm trying to download an only signed version and Catalina doesn't blocks it. Thank you very much
  5. Hello, I have an MacOs application that works ok after signed in Catalina. But after notarization, I get an access violation when trying to start. I've "Allow unsigned executable memory entitlement" enabled. Anyone can help me? Thank you, Jordi