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  1. azrael_11

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

    Is DsPack support fmx native o have a popup window when play a video file?
  2. azrael_11

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

  3. azrael_11


    Maybe we can stick a post with the best "Free" Firemonkey Components that is usefull until today... Here is my suggestion Alcione Components you can found very interesting things here and it is FREE
  4. azrael_11

    Change font size in TstringGrid in Fmx

    I Think this is not correct grid.StyledSettings.size:=false; the correct on is grid.StyledSettings:= grid.StyledSettings - [TstyledSetting.Size];
  5. azrael_11

    Screen Cursor

    Try to change the screen cursor in FMX desktop application with no success. I find that you can do this. form1.cursor := crHourGlass; ///Make the job form1.cursor := crDefault; But it is not working. How can i do this.
  6. azrael_11


    Nothing happend i start to believe something going with rio installation.
  7. azrael_11


    Hello Try to move a project from tokyo 10.2.3 to rio 10.3.1 community edition. And have two questions 1. How to remove the inherited values from debug from include file search path? 2. In rio i install the pasLicVlc and everything is ok. Create a new multi application add the component TFmxPasLibVlcPlayer go to include file search path add the path source and source.fmx like tokyo do but compiler cant find it. Does this change in rio somehow? P.S. I have both installed in my computer Delphi 10.2.3 CE and Delphi 10.3.1 CE
  8. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    So the installation in every operation system is the best choice. Maybe we send a message to embarcadero developers to make a better in delphi solution. Thank you very much.
  9. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    I plan in the future to be multi platform so what is the best way to do that? Thank you.
  10. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    It returns the number 1 not 0 as suppose to return.
  11. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    The font appear in the settings->personalization->fonts so that means it loading But i get a square instead of the house. But if i install the font permanently then everything works just fine...
  12. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    Nope doesn't work.
  13. azrael_11

    IcoMoon font with TText

    I add IcoMoon free Font https://icomoon.io/#preview-free with this code AddFontResource(PChar(extrafe.prog.Paths.Fonts + 'icomoon.ttf')); SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); Then i creat a TText component on run ex_load.Intro.Text:= TText.Create(ex_load.Intro.Video); ex_load.Intro.Text.Name:= 'Loading_Intro_Text'; ex_load.Intro.Text.Parent:= ex_load.Intro.Video; ex_load.Intro.Text.SetBounds(extrafe.res.Width- 300, 10, 300, 30); ex_load.Intro.Text.Font.Family:= "IcoMoon-Free'; ex_load.Intro.Text.Text:= 'e900'; ex_load.Intro.Text.TextSettings.FontColor:= TAlphaColorRec.White; ex_load.Intro.Text.TextSettings.Font.Size:= 32; ex_load.Intro.Text.TextSettings.HorzAlign:= TTextAlign.Trailing; ex_load.Intro.Text.OnClick:= ex_load.Input.mouse.Text.OnMouseClick; ex_load.Intro.Text.Visible:= True; That is suppose to see a black house instead you see a e900 Is there anything i forget or have something to see the icon of the icomoon in my text?
  14. azrael_11

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

    No i double check that the .mp3 files plays just fine. Thank you.
  15. azrael_11

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

    That i know, but mediaplayer from windows plays just fine. So something else create the problem.