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  1. I did changes as you mentioned and it is working now. Thank You. unit OverbyteIcsFtpSrv; ... ... function DirExists(const Dir : String) : Boolean; { V1.52 AG} { INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE = INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES = DWORD(-1) } {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} var Res : DWORD; begin Result := {$IFDEF RTL_NAMESPACES}System.{$ENDIF}SysUtils.DirectoryExists(UnicodeString(Dir)); exit ; // Res := GetFileAttributes(PChar(Dir)); // Result := (Res <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) and // ((Res and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) <> 0); end; {$ENDIF} {$IFDEF POSIX} begin Result := System.SysUtils.DirectoryExists(Dir); { V8.50 } end; {$ENDIF}
  2. The function returns True even though pointing to a files that does not exist function DirExists(const Dir : String) : Boolean; // Dir = 'c:\23000\Pqr.txt' var Res : DWORD; begin Res := GetFileAttributes(PChar(Dir)); // Res = 4294967295 Result := (Res <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) and ((Res and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) <> 0); // Res and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY = 16 // (Res <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) and ((Res and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) <> 0) // Though having the same value this line return True in 64Bitness and False in 32Bitness end; procedure TFtpServer.CommandRNTO( ... if FileExists(FileName) or DirExists(Filename) then Answer = '553 ''/c:/23000/Pqr.txt'': file already exists.'
  3. On Server Side I have been successfully using TSslFtpServer (Delphi Seattle) with IcsHosts for SSL From Client Side I PUT a File , Check Size after Copy & Finally Rename the File. All this has worked fine for years. My Server Side Exe was 32 Bit. Now I want to make it 64Bit Exe. From Client side Copy takes place , Size checking takes place but Rename does not happen. I get the error 450 File '/c:/Sample/Abc.txt' can't be renamed 64 Bit works fine without SSL
  4. Since my application is already in use at few customer's installations and is running smoothly, I did not have the courage to make major changes. It is actually the user passwords that I is saved in my databases with some basic encryption that were giving this problem. Putting both your valuable advice together I did make a routine that goes thru the String prior to the Send operation, character by character and recognizes Ord(...) > 65375. I am now converting that Password into Simple text and upon reaching destination reversing it again. Since my String's are made of a Tagged parts it is simple to extract the problem areas. Thank You for the support.
  5. In this way I can't seem to capture from the Client side using below method. Will the Client side code be different too ? FRcvdLine := TSSLWSocket(Sender).ReceiveStr ;
  6. Hi, I am using ICS Components with Delphi Seattle to send text between Server to Client and vice versa. But when using higher values like Chr(65470) the transfer does not happen correctly. Server Side: TSslWSocketServer Client : TClientConnection; Client.SendText('Hi '+Chr(65445)+Chr(65470)+#13#10); Client Side: TSSLWSocket procedure Tform_ClientSocket.SockClient_SsrvClientDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word); var FRcvdLine:WideString ; // AnsiString does not work either begin FRcvdLine := TSSLWSocket(Sender).ReceiveStrA ; Hi ?? Regards Allan
  7. My mistake was that I was sending first message to the Client from within the TSslWSocketServer.DataAvailable event. Took that off and it is now working perfectly.
  8. Hi, I am using TSslWSocket (TSslContext) to connect to TSslWSocketServer (using IcsHosts) Is it possible to avoid TSslContext on Client Side too ? I am asking because the Client side loses out some data initially upon just connecting. Without SSL same code work fine. I tried to prepare a small sample but that works fine with SSL too. I am using Delphi Seattle on Windows 10, Single machine, Two Exe's (Server and Client) for testing Regards Allan
  9. Hi I am currently using TSslFtpServer and TSslWSocketServer in combination with SslContext but there are connection issues coming up recently with Failed SSL Handshake before negotiation. Instead of chasing that I want to update to the current technique of using ICSHosts. Here I am stuck when trying to connect with FileZilla Client my Server comes into ClientConnect Event and then in ClientCommand Keyword is empty and then control goes to ClientDisconnect. Does not go into Validation etc. The problem is that there is no example using ICSHosts, so I used the OverbyteIcsSslFtpServ example removing the SslContext and adding a Item in IcsHosts Kindly note that mine is an application wherein I have a Server module running on one machine and I have several machines connecting to the Server There is no Website I can validate 'HostNames.Strings' with, so hope machine name will do ? DFM section of TSslFtpServer IcsHosts = < item HostNames.Strings = ('VMAF') HostEnabled = True HostTag = 'MyTag' SslCert = '01cert.pem' SslKey = '01key.pem' SslInter = 'cacert.pem' end> since 01cert.pem etc. are not working here I made fresh Certificates which I tested and are working with the SslContext. Regards Allan
  10. >> I'll email my unit that does all this. I looked at all the options suggested by Angus and Remy. Then I implemented the emailed Pas files and tested it with all possible options I could manage. Was most simple to include in my program and works perfectly fine. Very grateful to both for pulling me out of this one too.
  11. I have already tried the WM_POWERBROADCAST for GUID_MONITOR_POWER_ON with this I get notified even if display is begin turned off.
  12. In my Service I want to to receive notification when the system is suspended or resumed (Hibernate/Sleep) so that I can Close Active Sockets connections. Similar questions have got the answer 'the service must use a HandlerEx() callback via RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx()' but I have not been able to use it in Delphi. Need more assistance please.
  13. AllanF

    Only default ICS sample SSL certificate is working

    With OverbyteIcsPemTool.exe Menu item Create a self-signed certificate.
  14. AllanF

    Only default ICS sample SSL certificate is working

    I did create the PEM files and they are working fine but comments says they will expire by 20/01/2020 even if I put days 365 or 3650 I changed went into debug mode and changed days run time but same comment
  15. I am using ICS TSslFTPServer (FtpSslType=ftpAuthTls,ftpAuthSsl) and TSslWSocketServer (SslEnable=True) on my Server side application along with TSslContext wherein I am pointing to SslPrivKeyFile and SslCertFile to your sample 01key.pem and 01cert.pem respectively. My Client Application connects and all is well. problem-1) If I try to change the certificates to another of your provided examples or If I build with OpenSSL it gives error 'Can't read certificate file ... error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line' problem-2) Using SSL I lose compatibility with WinXP and probably with Vista too. Is there a workaround ? (Angus has suggested me to use the IcsHosts property instead of SslContext but I will need to do more work to get it working for me, hope I am using above mentioned components properly to begin with SSL) (How I generated my own PEM files openssl genpkey -aes256 -algorithm RSA -pkeyopt rsa_keygen_bits:2048 -out 01key.pem openssl pkey -in 01key.pem -out 01cert.pem -pubout)