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  1. 1) If server is publicly accessible, please, log this issue to quality.embarcadero.com and attach simple test project. If there is some sensitive information, which you dont want to share publicly, then let me know. We can exchange it privately.

    2) Otherwise, you can try to analyze the server using https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ This may give some hints.

  2. 1. libmysql.dll must be in EXE folder, or in some folder which is in PATH, or in SysWOW64 for x86 and System for x64.

    2. libmysql.dll must have the same bitness as EXE. Simple way to verify it:

    tdump libmysql.dll | find "CPU type"

    3. libmysql.dll v 8 is not yet supported. Use version 5 or 6. Which one - almost not important.

    4. Note, that libmysql.dll, depending on version, depends on MS C RTL.

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  3. 43 minutes ago, David Heffernan said:

    In my case I have to apply bespoke patch to rtl code to fix all the floating point defects that Emba won't fix.

    Could you please provide RSP numbers. May be even you can provide your patch.

  4. Beside what @Vandrovnik said,  Delphi with each one new version is getting more and more "green" (in the sense of Greenpeace, or energy class). What in past consumed N CPU cycles, now may consume less or much less. Want to make the World more green ? Upgrade your Delphi 🙂

    PS: Of course, this is questionable statement. But it is true in many Delphi areas ...