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  1. Unfortunately no. No notifications unless I open chrome and visit the site... Which is the way I guess it should work anyway.
  2. Okay, so I signed in from Chrome (Android) and it asked for notifications which I allowed. Bookmarked the site too. Now I am going to shut my browser and wait to see if I get notifications. If I do... I am a happy man!
  3. Yes it does and I am not suggesting it doesn't. However, the idea of not having an app based, group focused, non push notification based forum for Delphi just doesn't sit well with me. Maybe I just need to give it more time... It may grow on me. 😉
  4. Yes, I am using it on Firefox Rocket right now.
  5. Sorry to be a downer... But something that's not app based doesn't really cut it in today's day and age. The idea of having to go to a website for seeing posts, not having push notification isn't intuitive... especially when we have all come from something like G+. Just my opinion. Finally, we do what everyone wants. ☺️