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  1. Bogdan Polak

    DUnitX and testing MemoryLeaks

    Cool ... Thanks Stefan for your feedback. If you recomend Delphi-LeakCheck that it have to be helpful. 🙂 I'm going to use it. Next week! Personally I have never opportunity to meet Honza Rameš live and for sure he has an eye on this project, but once I had bad experience with untouched open source project and now I'm more careful. I saw this Medium article previouslly (uncle Google is the best), which is really great tutorial by Andrei 👏
  2. Bogdan Polak

    DUnitX and testing MemoryLeaks

    Thanks a lot for the answer, but I need something more integrated into unit tests suite then just FastMM reporting: 1) There should be verification of memory leaks comparing two points: before setup and teardown of each test, and if there are any leaks then unit tests engine is reporting this test as failed test. 2) You are able to disable memory leaking checks for some test methods (custom attributes) It will be of topic point, but just can't stop myself from not commenting. In my opinion this is a bad perception that "devs seem not using test project at all". I'm strongly disagree with that and knows lots of teams which are using unit test suites based on Unit or DUnitX framework. My pespective is diffrent: more and more Delphi devs are starting to adopt unit tests approach - usualy not for the whole projects, which is much more challenging and requires really strong Delphi architect person on board.
  3. Bogdan Polak

    DUnitX and testing MemoryLeaks

    Hi! I found nice piece of code from VSoft: https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/DUnitX/blob/master/Tests/DUnitX.Tests.MemoryLeaks.pas but I can't find any memory leak report after running this test. Do you know who to configure DUnitX project to report memory leaks? Is it possible to see the report of all tests with Memory Leaks in TestInsight? Maybe any link with the documentation about that? I know Honza Rameš - delphi-leakcheck, but this project looks like abandoned (2+ years since last commit) and I'm looking for the alternative. Thanks, Bogdan