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  1. dkjMusic

    How to create an Android app

    Wow. Thanks Dave, that worked like a charm. Can't wait to get started.
  2. dkjMusic

    How to create an Android app

    I have developed a Win32 app using the Delphi 10.3 Community Edition and I would like to create a version for Android. Unfortunately, when I installed Delphi, I did not include the capability for Android development. Is there a way for me to modify my existing Delphi installation to include Android capability without a complete reinstall?
  3. Alexander, thanks very much for your reply. This looks like just what I am looking for. I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. In my Delphi application I select a portion of a wave form for music in a Windows .wav file. I would like to then analyze that selection to produce a frequency spectrum like that in the image below. My objective is to identify the predominant musical pitches in the selection. How can I obtain the amplitude vs. frequency data points for plotting?
  5. dkjMusic

    Delphi Community Edition

    Does anyone know whether the latest Delphi Community Edition includes Raize (Konopka) VCL components?
  6. I want to extend the editor, perhaps using the Open Tools API, to open a fly-out menu automatically when a word(s) is highlighted in the editor. The Opera browser does this as shown in the screenshot below. I posed this topic on the IDERA Community forum and have received no replies. Cut and Paste could be added to the fly-out context menu. Can anyone point me to an example or how to get started?