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  1. I managed to get around for now ... I created a new folder and moved the project files there. In FDConnection, I used "Revert from Defaults", and then "Options" Command Execution, "Mode", changed it to "amNomBlocking". For now the error has stopped. Thankful!
  2. Hi everyone! I am using SQLite, and I don't know why, a cited error message appeared. I've tried everything to unlock the database: I renamed the .db file, changed the folder file, turned off the notebook, etc., but I can't unlock the .db database. The error occurs when trying to open the query a second time, for example: 1) first execution - OK qry.active: = False; qry.SQL.Clear; qry.SQL.Add ('DELETE FROM TAB_USERS'); qry.ExecSQL; 2) second execution - ERROR qry.active: = False; qry.SQL.Clear; qry.SQL.Add ('INSERT INTO TAB_USERS ... ... ...'); qry.ExecSQL; The error is fired at the line "qry.SQL.Clear;" I don't know what else to do ... Does anyone have any tips? Thankful!