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  1. fernandocristan

    Debugger Assertion Failure "apiOK"

    Hello person, I have a 64-bit unigui project, where it is compiled correctly with CTRL + F9 and Build Shift + F9 as well. When I run with F9 the following error occurs: Does anyone know what can it be? Delphi 10.1 Berlin Thanks!
  2. fernandocristan

    DunitX stopped on last test run

    I solved the problem. It was memory leak. In several tests object creation was taking place and memory was not being released. I didn't realize that this could be a problem. But that's it guys.
  3. fernandocristan

    DunitX stopped on last test run

    It is the same. I will try to update. How do I uninstall from the current Delphi DUNitx? Or just install over it?
  4. fernandocristan

    DunitX stopped on last test run

    Hello people, I've been using DUnitX with TestInsigh for about 4 months. We have several classes with tests and recently something strange has started to occur. DUnitX stops the tests from running in the last test. This way I do not get the correct result. And it's not always the same test. If I just execute any of the units where the lock occurs, the tests run and pass correctly. Has anyone been through this, you know what I can do? There is a image.