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  1. How are you publishing it, kdp or something else like ingramspark or a separate publisher?
  2. I looked around and didn’t find any immediate answer but can the embedded python be used on Mac OS in a similar way? I’m interested in distributing python with a Delphi App on the Mac and windows.
  3. FMX has a TGradient non-visual class, I’ve used it in the past. Might be worth looking at, though I notice your referring to TColor rather than TAlphaColor so it might not be applicable.
  4. hsauro

    GExperts Replace Components..

    Ah, I see what you mean.
  5. hsauro

    GExperts Replace Components..

    I just tried it on D 11.1 Prof and I successfully replaced a TButton with a TEdit, no error message.
  6. hsauro

    Skia4Delphi v3.0.0

    Thank for your hard work!
  7. Thanks, I'll take that into account One other question I have, how can I check if a python script I import has a given function? eg p = Import (mypythoncode) p.myfunction() Is there a check I make to see if myfunction() is defined in mypythoncode other than actually trying to call it and trapping the exception? I should add that myfunction() isn't part of a class.
  8. That worked, thanks, I should have tried it first. For those who are interested. all I did was declare my method at the Delphi end as: function TObj.getlist : TStringList; begin result := TStringList.Create; result.Add ('abc); etc end I assume the TStringList is reference-counted at the python end and I shouldn't care about dreeing it? Then at the python end, I just called x = obj.getList() It comes back as a TString type but you can convert it to a python list using list(x) or x.ToList(). As a TString type, it does have all the methods you'd expect for a Delphi TString type, eg x.Add ('A long string')
  9. I'm using DelphiWrapper to expose an API in a Delphi application that Python can run methods from. So far it works ok. It's a very primitive plugin system. My question is whether there is a way for a Delphi method to return a python list to the python caller using delphiwrapper. eg In python: mylist = delphiAPI.getlist() where mylist might be a list of strings ['red', 'dog', 'rock'] At the moment I export two more primitive methods, one method to get the number of items and another method to get the ith item. I then create a small Python function that builds a python list using those more primitive methods. I was wondering if there was another way to do this using DelphiWrapper. In the long term, it would also be nice to return and pass to Delphi numpy arrays but I imagine that would be much more difficult.
  10. hsauro

    Using pyinstaller with DelphiVCL for Python

    I would post it as an issue to the DelphiVCl GitHub repo. The error shows it can find the moduledefs.json file.
  11. hsauro

    OnMouseDown/Up events

    Any progress made on this? It looks like it's still not possible to handle the Mouse events.
  12. I've been trying to figure out how I can allow a user to select a block of cells in a FMX TStringGrid with a mouse drag operation. If one creates a FMX TStringGrid and adds columns, it only lets you select one cell at a time. The VCL TStringGrid has a goRangeSelection option but I can't find any options to select multiple cells in the FMX TStringGrid. Any suggestions? Also if multiple cells can be selected how does one determine which block of cells were selected?
  13. hsauro

    FMX 2D drawing

    If you’ve done any 2d drawing with VCL it’s not too dissimilar to that. If you need interactive drawing, use a TPaintBox component and write your drawing code in the onpaint event. This control can also detect mouse actions so that you can respond to events like mousedown, mouse up and mouse move. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40677671/how-to-draw-a-line-in-delphi-on-an-fmx-canvas
  14. hsauro


    Thanks for the example, I think this will be useful to others as well.