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  1. hsauro

    Using pyinstaller with DelphiVCL for Python

    I would post it as an issue to the DelphiVCl GitHub repo. The error shows it can find the moduledefs.json file.
  2. hsauro

    OnMouseDown/Up events

    Any progress made on this? It looks like it's still not possible to handle the Mouse events.
  3. I've been trying to figure out how I can allow a user to select a block of cells in a FMX TStringGrid with a mouse drag operation. If one creates a FMX TStringGrid and adds columns, it only lets you select one cell at a time. The VCL TStringGrid has a goRangeSelection option but I can't find any options to select multiple cells in the FMX TStringGrid. Any suggestions? Also if multiple cells can be selected how does one determine which block of cells were selected?
  4. hsauro

    FMX 2D drawing

    If you’ve done any 2d drawing with VCL it’s not too dissimilar to that. If you need interactive drawing, use a TPaintBox component and write your drawing code in the onpaint event. This control can also detect mouse actions so that you can respond to events like mousedown, mouse up and mouse move. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40677671/how-to-draw-a-line-in-delphi-on-an-fmx-canvas
  5. hsauro


    Thanks for the example, I think this will be useful to others as well.
  6. hsauro


    All I actually want is to draw text that is orientated 90 degrees to the horizontally, ie vertical. No fancy paths to follow, just a straight line. I can currently do it by rotating the image first by 90 degress, writing the text horizontally, then rotate the image back -90 degrees.
  7. hsauro


    I found this https://github.com/mono/SkiaSharp/issues/1183 looks like Google removed that functionality. Guess it’s rotate image, draw, rotate image back.
  8. hsauro


    I’m trying to display rotated text using skiaDelphi but it appears that the recommended skia way is to rotate the underlying image, write your text, then rotate the image back again. That can work but it requires some thought with respect to coordinates. some users from the c# community suggested using a path as in using (SKPaint skPaint = new SKPaint()) { SKPath path = new SKPath(); path.MoveTo(original.Width / 10, original.Height - original.Height / 10); path.LineTo(original.Width - original.Width / 10, original.Height / 10); canvas.DrawTextOnPath(textToWrite, path, 0, 0, skPaint); path.Dispose() } but I don’t see the method drawtextonpath in the skia4delphi library.
  9. hsauro

    Skia versus VCL for plotting points

    Someone asked that I include the timings in the code and while I was at it I folded in the code provided by contributors here. I'll probably add TImage32 at some point as well. https://github.com/hsauro/Mandelbrot There is a new binary release on Github, https://github.com/hsauro/Mandelbrot/releases/tag/1.1
  10. hsauro

    Getting a package on GetIt

    To answer my own question, submissions can be proposed here: https://getitnow.embarcadero.com/submit/
  11. Is there an EMB procedure to get a given package available on GetIt? I was thinking that since skia4delphi is now available on GetIt it would be nice to also have TImage32. Of course, it's not hard to install these manually but it does make life a little easier.
  12. hsauro

    Skia versus VCL for plotting points

    @angusj I finally got round to looking more seriously Image32, and it's working well so far. In fact, I think I use this instead of GDI+ in the future. Plus as you mentioned earlier it's cross-platform.
  13. hsauro

    Skia versus VCL for plotting points

    Thanks for the example! I was wondering if there was a direct way to get direct access to the pixels from skia4delphi.
  14. hsauro

    Skia versus VCL for plotting points

    For some reason I didn't realize image32 was portable, sorry about that. Thanks for the code however, because I wanted to play around a bit more with pixel manipulation with image32.
  15. hsauro

    Skia versus VCL for plotting points

    I also experimented with caching the scan line pointers, and it seemed to work. I played around a little bit with both image32 and graphics32 but didn’t get very far. The advantage of skia over these other two is that it’s completely cross-platform using the same API and seems to generate very smooth antialiased curves,