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  1. Baron Software

    A component named DotNetForm already exists.????

    Now it is constantly happening whenever i open the IDE. Removed the startup layout but it doesn't do the trick at all.
  2. Baron Software

    A Component Named xxxx Already Exists.

    I have been experiencing the similar issue on DotNetForm already exists as well since about end of January for both Sydney and Tokyo, it has been happening on a daily basis when starting up. I followed the advice of renaming or removing C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\Startup Layout.dst Once i do that Delphi IDE cleanly starts but the question is why is this happening at all ? Is there any type of log file that i can review to see what exactly is going on ?
  3. Baron Software

    A component named DotNetForm already exists.????

    I have been experiencing this problem for the past month where i have to rename or delete the startup layout.dst. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the last service patch i installed. It never happened prior to this.
  4. Baron Software

    TurboDB 6 VCL anyone using ?

    I want to make it clear, i was looking into a VCL database is for single user application package, i could go with a MDB but i have noticed with TurboDB the ease of setting up and speed is pretty good. For any large clients i tend to go with MS SQL / MYSQL / Oracle, TurboDB can work with up to 5 users on a single file which for a small shop is fine and i could do something similar with a MDB. With the embedded Firebird version is there a particular link that contains information about it ? And if i wanted to make it a multi-user do i need to set up the Firebird server ?
  5. Baron Software

    TurboDB 6 VCL anyone using ?

    I was wondering if anyone has used the database product from Dataweb, TurboDB 6 VCL, it seems to work pretty well with the trial version but i was wondering if anyone has had time to developed an application with it. I usually like to get some feedback from folks that have gone thru a cycle using a product.
  6. Baron Software

    Welcome to the MMX Code Explorer Community

    Thank you Uwe for taking the thankless job of updating software products thrown away. I have taken over TrackPro to keep it viable for future growth.