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  1. Nathan Wild

    Random Access Violation?

    Yes, I have tried this. Connections to the same ODBC datasource using ADO components work fine. It is only with FireDAC for some reason?
  2. Nathan Wild

    Random Access Violation?

    Agreed... I am just not sure how to approach debugging an access violation that is coming from an external library like that 😞
  3. Nathan Wild

    Random Access Violation?

    This is not a multithrreaded application. Or at least my application is not. Is suppose it is possible the ODBC interface is for some reason?
  4. Nathan Wild

    Random Access Violation?

    I recently deployed a new build of an application which has been running in the wild for some time now. For some reason this build triggers an access violation in one of the DLLs that the ODBC connection to our database uses. The only difference I can think of is that this version of the application was built with 10.1 Berlin and the previous was with 10-Seattle. The code up to and including where the exception is thrown has not changed. Anyone have even an idea how to troubleshoot this? More details: - The exception is in w3odbci.dll, part of Pervasive SQL's ODBC client. - It is thrown when I am trying to open a very simple query with one parameter (SELECT Password FROM table WHERE UserID=:USERID) - If I bypass this query, the same exception is thrown when I tries to open any other query Any help appreciated!
  5. Nathan Wild

    SQLBindParameter error with TFDQuery / ODBC

    Does anyone have a copy of 10.3.1 that they can build that test project in and send it back to me? I am 99.9% sure that you can not connect to ODBC datasources in the community edition. It is Enterprise-only functionality now 😞
  6. Nathan Wild

    SQLBindParameter error with TFDQuery / ODBC

    UPDATE: I created a stand-alone MS-Access database for use with the above test application and the bug does not manifest. Could it be problem specific to my ODBC driver? If so, any idea how to even troubleshoot that?
  7. Nathan Wild

    SQLBindParameter error with TFDQuery / ODBC

    Bumping this one as I am still encountering this issue. I have been able to work around it up to now, but I have a circumstance in my current project where I REALLY need what I think is a simple master/detail relationship to work properly. Situation is this: 1) I have master data in one table 2) I have detail data in another table 3) Detail data is related to the master table through a GUID (stored as a string field). 4) There are either 0 or exactly 1 detail record for every master record in the table 5) I have a master FDQuery with SQL="SELECT * FROM MASTER" this works fine. 6) I have a detail FDQuery with SQL="SELECT Field FROM MASTER WHERE GUID=:GUID. MasterSource is set to the datasource for the master query, MasterFields is set to GUID When I open both queries it works perfectly until I try to move to the next record of the master dataset or to refresh it. Then I get "[FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Pervasive][ODBC Client Interface][LNA][Pervasive][ODBCE Engine Interface]SQLBindParameter has not been called for parameter #2'" Sample project that reproduces this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ol9us4i71my3gm7/ClientTest.zip?dl=0
  8. Agreed... Makes it rather hard to justify upgrading 😞 In case anyone is curious, I was able to solve my problem after getting an email back from our sales rep who was finally able to track down an engineer at Emb. The solution was exactly as simple as I was expecting it to be: 1) Install the license code in the license manager 2) Run Tools | Manager Platforms from within the IDE 3) Check off boxes for the add-on 4) Wipe hands on pants
  9. Thanks for your reply. I understand this moving forward. However... I have this working on my laptop in 10.1, so there MUST be some way to do it at least up to that release? There must be an ESD installer or something somewhere?
  10. I recently upgraded my computer and moved from 10-Seattle to 10.1-Berlin. Everything looked fine and dandy, until I went to build my first project. I am missing the FireDAC.Phys.ODBC stuff entirely. Upon further research it looks like with Berlin this is an add-on. I have a license serial # for this, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to install it?! Embarcadero phone support blew me off (our support subscription is lapsed, so that's fair, I suppose). The email I sent DID get through to a person, but the instructions they gave me (pick "Upgrade" on Rad Studio in Apps & Features in the Windows Control Panel) does not work? The only option I have there is "Modify" and it is greyed out. The person I spoke to did hint that this may be because I used the web/ESD installer instead of the ISO installer. I have two questions: 1. Where can I get a web/ESD installer for the FireDAC client/server add-on? 2. If FireDAC client/server stuff is no longer part of the Rad Studio package, what is the preferred method for accessing ODBC datasources in 10+ versions of Rad Studio? 1:03 I am awaiting word from our account rep, but as I am currently dead in the water and unable to build anything, I thought I'd try here. Thanks for any help ANYONE can offer.
  11. Mr. Fosdal... If ever a random Canadian walks up and high-fives you at a conference of something, it is me... I have no explanation of WHY, but even though my query was set to fmFetchAll, simply adding a call to the FetchAll() method fixed this issue. Thanks so much, I would never have thought to try this...
  12. I am connected to the master query in the master-detail relationship without issue. This would not work without the client?
  13. Thanks... I thought of the fetch mode also... I have FetchOptions.AutoFetchAll set to afAll, and have tried FetchOptions.Mode as fmAll or fmOnDemand, with the same result!? There are no BLOB fields in the dataset...
  14. ResourceOptions.CmdExecMode is set to amBlocking, not async... Any other ideas?
  15. Possibly... Where is this set?