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  1. WKB

    HTTPS Client

    AH, OK, thx. I must have had some relics of old OPENSSL lying around 🙂 I have cleared that up ow it's working!
  2. Hello! How do I connect to a HTTPS server using THTTPCli or TSSLHTTPCli? Do I need OPENSSL for that as well? How would I set up the SSL Connection? I have copied the OPENSSL dll to the EXE folder and get "wrong SSL version" exception...
  3. Hi! I have returned to ICS after many, many years and use THTTPCli for my own WebAPI objects. When I try to build my project I get error C1118 at OverbyteICSWSocket.pas (17241)... If I close Delphi and only RUN the project it is fine, but I can't build it. :-() Any Ideas? (Running Delphi 7 Build 4.453 on a virtual Windows 10 machine )