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    About missing property TComboBox.Text

    I suggest to create a class helper: type TComboBoxHelper = class helper for TComboBox private function GetText: string; public property Text: string read GetText; end; function TComboBoxHelper.GetText: string; begin Result := ''; if Selected <> nil then Result := Selected.Text; end;
  2. Users of ModelMaker may appreciate the availability of a Modelmaker IDE Integration Expert for Delphi 10.3 Rio. Note: ModelMaker is a separate Native Delphi Visual modeling and Refactoring tool based on UML™ 2 technology. Not to be confused with MMX Code Explorer. More info here: ModelMaker IDE Integration Expert for Delphi 10.3 Rio released
  3. If there is a demand for it (there is, I guess). Just give me a few days more.
  4. I see that behavior, too, but I also noticed that the Form Designer doesn't receive the focus after selecting another component. You can see that when clicking the forms tab which only then changes to selected. This might be related to the fact that pressing <enter> in this situation focuses the Object Inspector with the last property selected (if available). You should describe your expectations with (very) detailed steps in QP.
  5. Uwe Raabe

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    Strange! Unfortunately without steps to recreate that will be hard to fix.
  6. So there must be some difference between our systems. Tested with 10.3.3 and 10.4. No GExperts installed, though.
  7. Either someone didn't understand FreeAndNil or the code used TObject in the first place and later changed to a typed pointer, but forgot to adjust the FreeAndNil call.
  8. I see a different behavior here: when the focus is in inside the Form Designer and I press F11 the Object Inspector is shown and the focus is inside the search box. The Form Designer stays visible. when the focus is inside the Source Editor and I press F11 the Object Inspector is shown and the focus is inside the search box. The Source Editor stays visible. when the focus is inside the Object Inspector and a) the Form Designer is visible: the Source Editor is shown and focused b) the Source Editor is visible: the Form Designer is shown, but the Object Inspector keeps the focus That way I can cycle through these states by continuously pressing F11.
  9. Uwe Raabe

    TButtonItem does not have a TAG property

    Shouldn't that read case TComponent(Sender).Tag of TAG_FOO : DoFoo; TAG_BAR : DoBar; ... end;
  10. Uwe Raabe

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    Version 15.0.20 should fix this issue.
  11. Uwe Raabe

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    Yes, that has already been reported by others and will be fixed with the next update. Meanwhile adding these entries to the registry is the suggested workaround.
  12. Uwe Raabe

    missing debug\*.res files

    Usually the Debug folder is inserted into the project search path at the beginning when you select "With Debug DCUs". The release folder stays in the search path as it comes from the library path for the selected platform. That way the files in the Debug folder take precedence over those in the Release folder. Only files not found in the Debug folder are taken from the Release folder.
  13. Uwe Raabe

    TTabSheet - Set color and remove margin?

    Seems that a TCardPanel is better suited for your needs.
  14. Uwe Raabe

    Search for Usages not usable

    There is no decent number, but more votes may increase the probability for a fix to be included in a release. There is no guarantee, though.
  15. Uwe Raabe

    Search for Usages not usable

    If we can gather some more votes for that issue I will be happy to point the product management to it. As it seems to be some low hanging fruit (looks like a missing MoveViewToCursor call), we might have this being included in 10.4.1.
  16. Uwe Raabe

    Search for Usages not usable

    I knew I had heard of this before : Clicking in Search for Usages window doesn't scroll cursor into view
  17. Uwe Raabe

    IDE Fixpack Sydney

    I am pretty sure, that is not the case here. There will probably be a one year time limit, but that is quite common for free licenses from Embarcadero. This would at least fill the gap until the CE will be available.
  18. If I am not mistaken, Koru is referring to a different case: type IBar = interface ['{570FBD40-8ECF-4B4B-9898-EF3F4146FFF9}'] end; IFooBar = interface(IBar) ['{1A99C9D3-CC94-4BCE-BF9C-354BF14EC5C7}'] end; type TFooBar = class(TInterfacedObject, IFooBar) end; procedure Test; begin var FooBarObject := TFooBar.Create; Assert(Supports(FooBarObject, IFooBar)); Assert(Supports(FooBarObject, IBar)); //Fails! end; For me this is pretty logical, so nothing to be changed.
  19. I am not sure if I can support this request. It is a simplification to avoid writing code, but it should be well thought before implementing it. There might be uses cases when this is unwanted and when it is done this way you may have a hard time to get rid of it again. Perhaps I can think about a use case for the current state.
  20. Uwe Raabe

    Get FormatSettings for a specific language

    Seems that LOCAL_NOUSEROVERRIDE is your friend here.
  21. Instead of IMethod I would suggest a new directive interfaced, optional with an alternative name used with InterfaceOf (similar to a method resolution clause). type TProcessor = class public constructor Create; procedure ProcessData(var Data); interfaced; procedure CleanUp; interfaced(Clear); // InterfaceOf will publish this method as Clear procedure Clear; // used inside TProcessor property Value: Integer read GetValue; interfaced; // should work for properties, too end;
  22. Not really. Besides only working inside the current unit, ist is merely a find and replace respecting some scope.
  23. Uwe Raabe

    Button order on Members Filter toolbar...

    Thanks for the report. Added to the bug tracker.
  24. Are you sure that the actual files are really removed or is it just that the components are simply not registered anymore? In my case the Manage Platform dialog shows German language unchecked while the IDE is still running in perfect German.
  25. Blind guess: Could it be that we using a German RAD Studio is the cause?