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  1. Hans-Wolfgang

    ccr.exif for editing image metadata

    Recently I downloaded and installed the ccr.exif package; when I tried to compile the sample application that came with that package, the RadStudio compiler threw about 8 errors. Wondering if one of you, or someone from another Delphi-Praxis group, can connect remotely via TeamViewer to help me with this. Best, jwc
  2. Hans-Wolfgang

    Looking for some Ground-Level Help

    Thank you, Anders.
  3. Hans-Wolfgang

    Looking for some Ground-Level Help

    I'm looking for someone to provide me at least 1-3 h. of paid time via eMail and/or TeamViewer to get me through some fundamental, RadStudio startup-issues. Have been away from Delphi programming for a number of years, and now have a relatively simple task to perform, using someone else's, existing unit to apply to my situation. Should not be difficult. When creating a simple console application for this purpose, I found lots of terms in default source code that are new to me. To begin with, a pointer to a good resource to help me understand modifiers/qualifiers like 'strict private', 'reintroduce', 'class sealed', etc., would be helpful.
  4. Hans-Wolfgang

    Open jpg Image as Text File

    If you will provide your eMail address, I will be glad to re-post my example. According to Dave Nottage in his reply of 5 h. prior to yours, the image as posted in my own, earlier reply on this forum was lacking in [at least, exif] metadata. At any rate, I am trying again here. There is no other code per se, at this time. The code that I plan to write is for an html page containing images displayed from user query: entire collection or selected members thereof. Each image will be displayed within <td> ... </td> tags of an array of thumbnails, or of a single, full-size image. For a working example, please see http://www.orchids.enwphotos.com, and view page source.
  5. Hans-Wolfgang

    Open jpg Image as Text File

    In addition the following will be useful: sublocation, city, province and country. All of those are written out into metadata in the previously attached image file
  6. Hans-Wolfgang

    Open jpg Image as Text File

    Using RadStudio editor, I looked at ccr.exif.pas in detail; included in what I'm seeing is a collection of maker notes [for cameras by Apple, Canon, Casio, Kodak, Konica, Panasonic and/or Nikon. Since my Leica Typ240 equipment is not in this list, I'm assuming that is the cause of the errors I'm encountering when trying to open one of these files. Wondering, however, if a descendent of one of the methods within CCR.Exif [or a simple, new one] can easily be written [and at what cost] to extract just the description and title [nothing more at present] of any image [of more than 1,000] from which I would want to extract simply the genus and species of each flower, displayed to user on the fly while she or he browses the collection on WWW. A sample jpg is attached.