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  1. I am signed up only for the fact that Allen Bauer comes to the party.
  2. ConstantGardener

    Q for MAPI Expert

    @Attila Kovacs Thank you for the unit!
  3. ConstantGardener

    Rest Server file transfer

    @al17nichols These are the "good old" RTC Components sold to teppi.com as one of the users.
  4. ConstantGardener

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    Here not 5-10 minutes, but 2-3 minutes. Without question , hotload can save us hours, but in c++ it can save days. 🙂 That's the whole point.
  5. ConstantGardener

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    On the other side: when you take the compiletimes of c++ into account the hotreload is of more interest in this ecosystem then in delphi.
  6. ConstantGardener

    Install Quickreort 10.3 RIO on Delphi RAD 104

    Take a look at this thread in the german delphipraxis. In the second part is a step by step guide for installing an old quickreport version in newer versions of delphi. U need a source-version of quickreport. https://www.delphipraxis.net/204516-quickreport-einziger-entwickler-gestorben-wie-geht-es-weiter-2.html
  7. ConstantGardener

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    i don't know the devEx one, but the TMS thingy has a very wide range of events, procs and functions for such operations. Maybe you need to add some eventhandlers, but all in all it is very powerfull. My 2 Cent!
  8. ConstantGardener

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    ...the TAdvStringGrid from TMS should do the trick.
  9. ConstantGardener

    Compiler detecting repeated lines?

    ....this is more a topic for static code analysis (for example TMS FixInsight)
  10. ConstantGardener

    LSP - Alexandria

    This may be the case for very complex projects, but when the Tooltip show's you the right file and classname and an Ctrl+click shows you nothing (don't open this file/class) in a not so big project (build's in 17 sec)? This drives me crazy!
  11. ConstantGardener

    LSP - Alexandria

    from @Vincent Parrett in another thread about 10.2.4 LSP : "If the code is too complex for the tooling, then the tooling needs improving, valid compiling code should not be a problem."
  12. ConstantGardener

    How to create a grid that looks like this

    Hmm ok. For me is every dependency i can eleminate from my main project a win. I try to focus on well maintained libs with sourcecode (TMS for example). A not maintained component from torry would be an absolut no go for me. my 2 cent.
  13. ConstantGardener

    How to create a grid that looks like this

    ...one more dependency for this? I would go with remy's solution.
  14. ConstantGardener

    Physically reduce jpeg image size??

    function ResponseWithScaledJPG (const AFilename : string; var Response: TIdHTTPResponseInfo) : boolean; var JPEGImg : TJPEGImage; AStream : TStream; begin result:=false; if FileExists (AFilename) then begin AStream := TMemoryStream.Create; JPEGImg := TJpegImage.Create; try JPEGImg.LoadFromFile(AFilename); if JPEGImg.Width<500 then JPEGImg.Scale:=jsFullSize else if JPEGImg.Width<1000 then JPEGImg.Scale:=jsHalf else if JPEGImg.Width<2000 then JPEGImg.Scale:=jsQuarter else JPEGImg.Scale:=jsEighth; JPEGImg.SaveToStream(AStream); result:=true; finally JPEGImg.Free; Response.ContentType := mime.ImageJPeg; Response.ContentStream := AStream; end; end; end; ....use this as base for your own solution. This function is from a little INDY webserver for responding with scaled pic's to jpeg-requests for limiting the traffic payload.