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  1. Hello Francois, Thank you for your response. The documentation you suggested does not give all the possibilities for the OnRequestDone event. We are building an FTPClient application similar to the IpSwitch application. There is an OnSessionConnected event that we use to activate objects on the form once connected. But there is no OnSessionDisconnected. Does The OnRequestDone handle the disconnect? If so what is the call for the Rqtype. Thanks for all your help. Maria
  2. Hello, Does anyone have a link to the full help for the ICS FTPClient component? Thank you your help. Maria
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    Hello Angus, Thanks you for your response. We will work with the OverbyteICSXferTst application and have our client test with that to see where the problem is occurring. All the files they are downloading are around 240k. Thanks for all your help. We will let you know what we find. Stay safe.
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    Hello Angus and Francois, Thank you for your response. The problem is not reproducible on our side. Our client is in a secure location and we can not get access to the device. We have to rely on them to test. Angus that was me who reported this problem about a month or so ago. When you mentioned that it did have a problem in the older version we upgraded the component to the 8.58 version. They tested with the latest version and it is still producing the Float Point Overflow error. It downloads the first 6 files just fine and crashes on the 7 file. So it does not seem to be consistent. Hard one to debug. Francois we are not using any floating points in our code, only integers and int64. The int64 is only used for the OnProgress64 event. We see there are two events in the FTPClient component, OnResponse and OnDisplayFile. Can you send me any links for the help or examples using the OnResponse and the OnDisplayFile Events. We will try these to see if we can track the problem. Also, we can not find any documentation on the following 3 properties, BandWidthLimit, BandWidthSampling and the DataSocketSndBufSize. We were thinking about increasing the values for these properties. Maybe it's a boundary issue. Thank you for all your help. Maria
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    Sorry forgot to tell you we are using version 8.58. Thank you.
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    Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. We have been using the FTP ICS component for about 15 years now. We have a customer that is encountering a Floating Point Overflow error when retrieving files from an FTP Server. We are not using any real values in our code and we have Overflow Checking Runtime Errors off. They are retrieving the full file but right after it comes in we get the floating point error. Going over the code in the OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas file we noticed that there is a debuglog procedure. Can someone let me know how to turn this on and where is the log file saved. We are hoping this will help us find the overflow error. Thanks for all your help and stay safe. Maria
  7. Thanks Angus, Appreciate your help.
  8. Hello, We have been downloading the latest versions from this site. http://www.overbyte.eu/frame_index.html Are these different sites?
  9. Hello Angus, Sorry for the late reply. We downloaded the latest version ICS-V8.58 from the Overbyte web site. This version is dated Nov 2018. In your reply from above you stated a version from last year 2019 was having a problem with speeds of download that take zero seconds. Is there a newer version we should be downloading? Thanks for all your help.
  10. Hello, We are using the ICS FTPClient to collect files from a device in a secure location. We do not have access to the device and have to rely on techs to do the testing. The firmware on the device was recently upgraded and we are now seeing a floating point overflow error when collecting files. It does not happen on all files just a handful of files. Has anyone ever encountered a Floating point overflow error when collecting files? The devices manufacture's software does not encounter this problem. They can collect all the files from the device. Also, is there a way to turn on FTP tracing in the ICS FTPClient. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Hello Everyone, Thank you for your responses. Angus, we have no access to these devices. We are relying on the techs to go in and do the testing. But, good news. I checked with our development team and they did get to test with removing the #0 before requesting the file. It worked from our Power Shell application but we have not had a chance to test with Delphi yet. Since we have to wait days between testing I thought they performed this test already and it did not work but I was wrong. If anyone encounters any problems extracting files from an FTP Server we suggest checking to make sure there are no non literal characters in the LST or DIR commands. Thanks for all your help. Stay Safe.
  12. Hello, Thank you again for your responses. Unfortunately, these devices are brand new. I checked in their manual and they do not support HTTP Post/Put. FTP is the only way to get files out of these devices. Only the manufacturers software can extract the files and File Explorer. However, File Explorer is a manual process and our clients are looking for an automated process which our software supports. Does anyone know what type of FTP client File Explorer uses? This may help us figure out the problem. The FTP from the command prompt and Power shell's FTP client do not work on these devices. Thanks for all your help.
  13. Hello. Thank you for the answers. We did not know about the MLSD command. Thank you we will use that in the future. However, we can read the directory from the file but not from the stream. So that part we got past. We now need to get the files out. We can only get the first file in the directory from the server using GetAsync. Have you ever heard of a #0 at the end of every directory listing. And it is required to be in the name when we request it from the server using GetAsync. Does the #0 effect the server some how? In our Powershell app we get the first file also and any other request we get the error: 421 Service Not Available, closing control connection. Thanks for all your help. Stay safe and have a great weekend.
  14. Hello, We are working with a number of companies that have devices with FTP servers on them. We are having problems extracting the files from these servers. There are 2 devices we are having problems with all their other devices we have no problem downloading the files with the ICS FTP Client component. The first problem we encountered was after requesting a directory all we would get back from the stream is the first file. Code to request directory: FTPClient.hostname:=; FTPClient.Passive:=True; FTPClient.timeout:=5; FTPClient.options:=options-[ftpbandwidthcontrol]; FTPClient.ConnectionTpe:=ftpdirect; FTPClient.Multithreaded:=false; FTPClient.DisplayFileFlag:=false; FTPClient.Binary:=True; FTPClient.Port:=21; FTPClient.username:=ccccc; FTPClient.password:=hhhhhh; FTPClient.LocalFileName:=''MyList.LST'; FTPFTPClient.directoryasync Code inside FTPClientRequestDone Procedure Strm:=TFileStream.Create(ftpclient(sender).LocalFileName,fmOpenRead); try SetLength(S,Strm.Size); Strm.Read(PAnsiChar(S)^,Length(S)); ACodePage:=ftpclient(sender).CodePage; portvars^.ftpmaps[ftpclient(sender).ftpdev].ftpstr.Text:=ConvertCodepage(S, ACodePage, CP_ACP); if portvars^.ftpmaps[ftpclient(sender).ftpdev].ftpstr.Count>0 then parse_ftp_directory(ftpclient(sender).ftpdev,ftpclient(sender).ftpprt); finally Strm.Free; end; So, instead of using the stream we read directly from the MyList.LST file we defined in the FTPClient.localfilename. This allowed us to read all the available files in the path. It turns out there are no carriage returns or line feeds after each entry in the DIR coming from the stream but fine when we read directly from the file. We asked our client to connect using the command line prompt on the devices that we are having problems with and with the devices that we have no problems with. Please see the attached Word document. Once we got past the problem with reading the directory we ran into another problem. After requesting the files using GetAsync we can only get the first file listed in the DIR out. All other attempts we get a 550 error code "Requested action not taken. File unavailable". It turns out all the files listed in the DIR have a #0 at the end of every line. The attached MyList.LST file shows the null character at the end of every line. To do further troubleshooting we created a power shell application using the Powershell FTP client to test if it would be able to download the files and still no luck. If we keep the #0 at the end of the file when requesting the file we can only get the first file out. If we remove the #0 then we can not get any files out. Has anyone seen a server act like this and is there anyway we can get these files out. The only way to get the files out without using the Device's manufacturer software is through File Explorer. Thanks for all your help. FTP Ls and Dir commands.docx MyList.LST
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    SFTP and SSLFTP Are they the same?

    Hello, Just a quick question. We need to connect to a SFTP Server and extract files. Can we use the TSSLFTPClient component? Thanks for your help.