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  1. Bert-Jan

    Large project does not start

    True. I always work at home. For more than 15 years now.
  2. Bert-Jan

    Large project does not start

    It seems I've got some homework. Thank you all.
  3. Bert-Jan

    Large project does not start

    Thank you both. Does this mean I have to create the components programmatically?
  4. Bert-Jan

    Large project does not start

    Hi all, In the last few months I build an app for iOS and Android which expanded rapidly due to customer requests. It is basically one unit with one main tabcontrol. Most tabItems have tabcontrols in them up to three levels. So many forms with many objects like rectangles, buttons and listboxes. Lately the IDE became very slow and crashed frequently. Today, after adding a new tabItem and saving and closing the project, the whole project does not open again. I believe it is too heavy now. My question is: what can I do to keep the IDE afloat and still expand the project? Are there any best practices to develop a large multi device app? My Windows 10 PC has 64 GB memory.
  5. Bert-Jan

    IOS shows black edit boxes

    No, I decided to allow iOS to change the colors. I just had to make sure that it all worked out properly. Sometimes I use an empty listbox as background to have it white in normal settings and black in dark mode. Maybe there are better ways but this works.
  6. Bert-Jan

    XCode 12 compile error

    I finally got it back on track by reinstalling Xcode 11.7 and applying sdk 13.7.
  7. I am curious too how to satisfy Google and implement the suggested improvements.
  8. Bert-Jan

    Scroll before edit

    Hi all, Perhaps this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it. When I try to vertically scroll a long form that resides in a VertScrollBox with many edit boxes and comboboxes, I cannot prevent touching a combobox for instance. This immediately opens the combobox and prevents the scrolling. Is there a way to give priority to scrolling?
  9. Bert-Jan

    XCode 12 compile error

    I understand. Will take it slower from now on.
  10. Bert-Jan

    XCode 12 compile error

    Thank you! Is it something that Delphi will catch up on eventually?
  11. Bert-Jan

    XCode 12 compile error

    Does anyone have advise for me... I upgraded Xcode to 12, my iPhone to iOS 14 and the SDK to 14.0. Compiling to iOS now spawns the following error: [DCC Error] E2597 ld: file 'C:\Users\bwieg\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\SDKs\iPhoneOS14.0.sdk/usr/lib/libiconv.dylib' too small (length=0) for architecture arm64 Going back to SDK 13.6 does not help so I guess this has to do with Xcode.
  12. Embarcadero will address this in a future update.
  13. I seem to have more issues with the keyboard type. Now with iOS. iOS only seems to work properly if I use the default Keyboard type.
  14. Thank you. They used to be different.
  15. It seems keyboardType.NumbersAndPunctuation defaults to DecimalNumberPad with Android (compiled in 10.4). Does anyone have the same experience or am I overlooking something?