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  1. erva

    Can't install macOS 64-bit

    Using now 10.4 Sydney without problems. Probably problem solved when have done clean install again.
  2. erva

    Making apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Ok, thanks. Good link. Any idea where to get info how to get heart rate readings from watch? GPS is maybe working with TLocation as usual.
  3. I guess it's possible to make apps for Samsung galaxy Watch with Delphi. But how they are installed to watch? It's only bluetooth, no USB cable connection. And is it possible to get user heart rate readings from watch?
  4. Trying to set Android app so that it doesn't go to sleep mode. Added to uses Android.JNI.PowerManager but compiler doesn't find it. Does in Tools/Options/Language/Library paths need to add path to some folder where Android.JNI.PowerManager exists or what do i need to do?
  5. erva

    Can't install macOS 64-bit

    Reinstalled Delphi, but problem still exist. Managed to install iOS SDK without problems to free install.
  6. I can't install macOS 64-bit at SDK Manager. When try to install, it doesn't get saved to to "SDK versions" lists. macOS 32-bit i can uninstall and reinstall with no problems, problems are only with 64-bit.
  7. Noticed that in Platform Properties SDK was empty. When try to add new SDK, "Add a New SDK" settings are just like in previous post, it doesn't get saved. SDK stays empty.
  8. Thanks for help again, they were messed. I think it has something to do with that i installed one 3rd party component demo and from demo was support for macOS eluded. I didn't now it first and tested manually add library paths to components. Now i have added all missing items but when compiling error rises without any explation: And during compilation this windows appears:
  9. I was able to compile to macOS fine, but after installing TMS Software components i get this error, any idea what to do? [dccosx64 Error] E2597 ld: file not found: librtlhelper.a
  10. erva

    TStringGrig formatting date

    Mysterious things happening.... I got date formatting working ok. But then made changes to DB structure and after that grids first and last dates show like they should, others not
  11. erva

    TStringGrig formatting date

    That 'displaytext' property i was missing from grid side, thanks a lot:)
  12. erva

    TStringGrig formatting date

    Tried FormatDateTime('dd.mm.yyyy', Now); but get this exception:
  13. erva

    TStringGrig formatting date

    I'am using FormatDateTime('dd.mm.yyyy', %s) and get error "Invalid class typecast".
  14. erva

    TStringGrig formatting date

    Trying to format date to show dd.mm.yyyy but don't get how it's complished. Have tried it with columns "customFormat" property but with no success.
  15. erva

    TStringGrid Sorting

    Haven't used Delphi for a while, 15 years, and have managed to forget things little. But just remember based on @Attila Kovacsanwer that IndexDefFields is answer. Already managed to sort records ascending order, now have to still find out how to get them descending order. Using RemObjects Data Abstract. Adding to IndexDefField "Column1:D" didn't work.