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  1. Aamgian

    Custom TrueType font in FMX Android app?

    thanks you for you help, but still not work. I decided to leave this font problem in the application that I made.
  2. Aamgian

    Custom TrueType font in FMX Android app?

    I use nunito sans font from Google font. I made an application using the third party taltext component alcinoe so that the method could not worked but in android 9 that work fine, after I tried it with the default TText component it worked fine. but the next problem if I use the bold font style then it doesn't work. The following sample file that I made true_font.zip
  3. Aamgian

    Custom TrueType font in FMX Android app?

    hi, I have followed the method carried out by Landerson Gomes like in the video on youtube . but on Android 10 it doesn't work, while on Android <10 it works fine. is there a newest way to do it?
  4. Aamgian

    How Fetch SMS on Android and ios

    Thank you Dave, I am done with the Android code of, now I have not found a reference for iOS. the link above that you provide seems to be a problem with the web emb. uses Androidapi.helpers, Androidapi.JNI.GraphicsContentViewText, Androidapi.jni.net, Androidapi.JNI.App, Androidapi.JNI.JavaTypes, function FetchSms(sender:string):string; var cursor: JCursor; uri: Jnet_Uri; address, msgdatesent, body: string; addressidx, msgdatesentidx, bodyidx: integer; fMessage: string; begin uri := StrToJURI('content://sms/inbox'); cursor := TAndroidHelper.Activity.getContentResolver.query(uri, nil, nil,nil,nil); addressidx := cursor.getColumnIndex(StringToJstring('address')); msgdatesentidx := cursor.getColumnIndex(StringToJstring('date_sent')); bodyidx := cursor.getColumnIndex(StringToJstring('body')); cursor.moveToFirst; while (cursor.moveToNext) do begin address := JStringToString(cursor.getString(addressidx)); msgdatesent := JStringToString(cursor.getString(msgdatesentidx)); body := JStringToString(cursor.getString(bodyidx)); if UpperCase(address) = UpperCase(sender) then begin fMessage := msgdatesent+'-'+address+'-'+body; Break end; end; Result := fMessage; end; of course you must be given READ_SMS permission.
  5. Aamgian

    How Fetch SMS on Android and ios

    Hello, I want read Some code from predetermined sender short message for security 2 way my application. have problem to fetch short message. I had test this sample http://www.fmxexpress.com/send-and-fetch-sms-messages-with-delphi-firemonkey-on-android/ But not compatible with Delphi 10.3.3. Any body have reference or sample. Thanks you