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  1. well, first of all a BIG thank you for the indication. Second, unfortunately it is a library written in C++ or something, and it makes me shake my knees to just only "think" to deploy such code to one of my users. It is a piece of code that I don't control, and there is only one other thing that I hate more than this. Third you know what? there is not a single example with the Hebrew calendar, while there is one for Japanese. However I will study this solution for a while, but I think I will try the stevemorse.org solutions, notwithstanding, as I said, I hate javascript. However THANKS a lot for the infos. Be well.
  2. Yep. I think this could be the only way. I have downloaded the two files which contain the code. The problem is that I'm not familiar with some javascript "amenities". To be really honest, I hate javascript as hemorrhoids. But at least there is the calculator to use for testing the unit to be developed.
  3. ICU? I don't know this body. Could you post a link to them? Google says a lot of useless infos....
  4. Hello to the Community. I'd like to make a rotating selector, like those that allow the user to shift a "cilinder like" selector, swiping up/down or left/right, like that day-date selector. If I can remember well, I saw it on some iPad, or something like that. I'd like to do this selector because I have to eenable the choice within a large number (around 40) of elements, and I hate combo-boxes. Is there any component for Firemnkey to be used to do that ? The contents to be displayed should be made of TImage(s) or something alike. Thanks for any help.
  5. THANKS A LOT, but I have to know if is there any procedure to convert a gregorian date (our common dates) to hebrew date and vice-versa. Or, better, to convert any julian date to hebrew date and vice-versa. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Again, exceptions explanations, but useless unless you take one week understanding the text and writing the code. Thanks however.
  7. Thank you, but chelm seems not working, while the wikibooks page contains something that is quite not usable. All these explanations without any example are completely useless. But thanks however.
  8. Hello to the community. I'm looking for a component or a code library which is capable to convert from UT date to Hebrew calendar date. I've found something in Javascript but I'm not familiar with that language. Thanks for any help.
  9. It seemed to me I did it beofre. Now I right clicked onto the project "build configuration" and it seems to work. Strange world, strange averything. T H A N K S A L O T.
  10. Hello to the community. I'm experiencing a problem with Delphi 10.3 Community. I'm studying a project and for some reason, the usual F4 function (run at cursor) is not working. This is not a project written by me, and I thin k that it is because it is in some "release" state, but I have also deleted the release status configuration from the project options, but it insists on this strange behavior. Also, the breakpoints seem not working. I'm quite new to Delphi. Is there anyone who can give me a clue on what to do the make F4 and the usual functions work ? Thanks for any help.
  11. I see. OK. I will try as soon as I'm back to the job. Now I'm following the Coronavirus developments. I'm in Italy in the north, 30 km from Milan.... BTW did you ever used a dual monitor configuration ? Just to have the Livebindings window open by itself, which is large. In 10.3 is it possible to configure an IDE interface just only with the LiveBindings ? Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. My apologies again, I was acting like an asshole. Sorry.... Well, it is a long time that I do not code. I was completely forgetting that there are many other occasions when I can act like, for instance, the OnFormClose event. My problem, if I can say so, is to resize the columns just a bit before to show the form and then save the width before closing, or on closing. I'm gonna try this now. However, can you explain what is this grZbozi ? Is it a library of components ? Where can I find it to study ? Thanks again.
  13. I see that I have to apologize for my behaviour. Franlky I do not understand what does it mean this " grZbozi " thing, and I'm a bit nervous when someone is so much telegraphic in his replies. If I have offended someone please accept my apologies. But I'm 61, and I have seen too many times such kind of "synthetic" replies that lead to nothing. Also I have tried the property WIDTH, but unless you have a behavior that is fired when the resize occurs, there is no possibility to read/store the WIDTH of the coulmn. OK. that's all. the Coronavirus here has med another victim, my patience. Stay well you all.